MCP: Future Hulk review

Despite getting the card a while ago I have only just got around to doing this review.

Current Hulk has issues. He has awful Power Economy and bad defenses. So he dies surprisingly easily. But you could just Ignore him at times as he didn’t have Power to do much more than move and attack twice.

New Hulk’s most obvious change is his defense increasing to 4/3/3. This is much, much better.

He also has a new defensive ability. It costs reasonable power but it can make a big difference after a garbage defence roll.

And the other important change, hiz builder is now a builder. Bumped to 7 dice AND now it gains power.

The tradeoff is that now Hulk gains extra damage dice for every 4 damage, not 4. So he does less damage at very high damages.

So let’s do the normal Review

The Great: he’s Scary. If you hit him, he gets power and more damage dice. You can’t ignore him as he will now hit hard and gain power for throws or extra movement.

The good: He has a 7 dice builder. Which will hit hard AND give more power for a spender or a throw. Gamma leap means he can always do a free move and then often attack twice.

The Bad: still only has one side. So is vulnerable to spikes, all you’ve got and space lasers. Not flipping is a big problem, it’s just harder to do now.

The Ugly: The sculpt looked ok. But next to Dormammu and Hulkbuster he seems a bit small now.

Hot Take Tier: A, a big improvement

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