MCP: MORE jank

So I said in the last post there was even more jank for Defenders and cards, so let’s take a look. Mostly it’s because of this card:

Defenders Jank Enabled.

So Portals enables a lot of Jank. We can’t do all of it, but lets have a look at an F shape map (remember, B is a similar distance from ends, but not sides)

An Idea of Ranges

You need 1 power to step through the portal. So for anyone to go through and take an extract you need 2 power. Let’s start with something easy. Angela, can step through the portal, advance, take an extract, and advance away easily.

Teleport, walk walk.

With Advanced RnD she could also have taken the centre extract and be pretty safe back on your side. It’s not just the medium base either.

A small base Long mover like Black Cat can also easily get to either point, and in fact a medium mover on a small case can also. So Iron fist, with 2 power a round can go through the portal, take an extract, and be pretty safe. But what If we really want 2 extracts and not to use Rnd (or to save Rnd for Strange coming through portal)?

Hulk, grab!
Hulk Grab more
Hulk, run away?

Hulk is your man! 1 power to go through the portal, 1 to grab centre extract, advance, 1 to steal their extract, advance to midline. He now has 2 extracts. And is unlikely to be shot down in one round. Note – he’s also a Defender so is affiliated!

Speaking of Hulk, he also enables other craziness if you’re not in Defenders.

Because this card can be played during another model’s activation it’s like a really long extra move.

Launch and run

A long mover like Black Cat easily takes the back extract and runs to safety. A medium mover can do this as well.

As above, with more power

Angela can take the centre extract and a back extract and get to safety with ease.

There’s plenty more bonkers stuff you can do with hulk. Send him through a portal and rnd him a power then he can launch a model into enemy lines. Probably lose a model, but causes havoc. Meanwhile Hulk scores a centre point. I’ve used Hulk to Gamma Launch She-Hulk in A force, and then you still have Special Delivery. And this is all old never taken Hulk. Imagine it’s new scary Hulk!


  1. This is, of course, all good jank. But it requires big points investments. Hulk is 6. Strange is 6 or 7 because he needs the power to do portals on turn 1. Angela is 5. These are good plays but they are a hefty cost.

    1. Totally. Which is a good thing. If you could do this with 3 threats it would be everywhere. Allocating over half your roster to getting a slight vp lead is probably a bad idea.

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