Monthly Archives: September 2021

MCP: Turn Zero

Turn Zero is a phrase you may have heard of. One of the podcasts for MCP is even called Turn zero! Turn Zero refers to everything that happens in pre-game setup: Choosing Extracts or Secures Picking a Crisis Choosing the threat Picking a board edge Choosing your team and cards Deploying I have to say […]

MCP: Convocation Affiliation Review

So Having reviewed the 6 characters I thought I would take a look at the affiliation as a whole, including the 9 spoiled tactics card and their weird leadership. So Convocation don’t have a Leader. You have an extra tactics card (does it count as part of 8 – not sure) which works as a […]

MCP: Clea Review

I’ve caught up with the Mystic Wave! Last but not least…or is she? Clea! 3 Threat, Mid-range blaster/support? She looks like a cheap mashed up version of Red Skull and Enchantress The Great: Range 2 teleport on friends Is the stand out thing. Cheaper than Strange’s but not enemies. More Expensive an shorter Range than […]

MCP: Doctor Strange 2 Review

So as with Black widow and Spider-Man we get a second version of Doctor Strange before we get a first version of Doom, the FF, most of the X-men, Spider-Woman, Odin… I’m sure it’s nothing to do with him having a film coming out. The odd one here though is that a) BW and SM […]

MCP: Hood Review

Mystic review number 4 is Hood. I keep wanting to say The Hood, but apparently it’s just Hood, no the. So we have another Transforming Character, It’s been a while. This guy gets two cards though. One side is a ranged support and the other side is a tanky assassin. The Great: Demonic Resilience reduces […]

MCP: Doctor Voodoo Review

And yet another review, halfway through the Mystic wave now! Garbage stat line for a 4 threat, just the 2 attacks, and a wall of text for a passive. What is going on here? The Great: Brother Daniel. It’s all about Brother Daniel. You spend [threat] power to throw Brother Daniel on them. When you […]

MCP: Baron Mordo Review

Another Day, another Review… Another odd stat block, 6 health on the front (5 on back), 3 attacks and…an attack buff! Seems ok a glance. The Great: He has an attack buff. And not a Kraven/Lockjaw buff where they need to go first. A thanos style in your activation buff. Yes you take a damage, […]

MCP: The All New Avengers roster review

So my roster for the recent event where I went 3-1 is here. It’s a decent roster as with only 1 sort of practise game and games against Sam Cap I was able to go 3-1, only losing to the Number 1 player IN THE WORLD. But it’s an odd roster in that Most of […]

MCP: All New Avengers went to an event

This past weekend I travelled to Board in Brum (which is not in Birmingham) to play a 4 round MCP event. Having finally got my 500 rating with A-Force I decided to move onto something else. And being able to take 4 new models I decided to take Sam Avengers. I worked out a basic […]

MCP Model Review: Ancient One

Still catching up on the models, starting with the ancient One So 4 threat, weird stat line, a bunch of mystic attacks and some powers. The Mystic wave models look to buck trends and shake things up! The Great: A range 2 teleport that is always online because they always start with 2 power. And […]