MCP: New roster, Wakanda v Asgard

As you may remember from a previous article I was going to run a Cabal/dormammu list, and the Midnight Sons and get my Multi Badge. Well as the saying goes “No plan survives contact with the enemy“. In this case the enemy was Brian, my good friend and now weekly opponent. 2 weeks ago we played the Dormammu half of the roster against the Cabal half and the Cabal half got tabled. Dormammu didn’t lose a model (well Mysterio died, but he got better). So I became a bit unsure of playing A) Cabal, and B) a Dual roster. So I went back to the stats.

I played Asgard and Wakanda?

While I only need 2 games with Cabal, I only need 3 with Asgard and 4 with Wakanda to get to 5. I can do that easily as well. And then I don’t need 5 Sons games! So I decided to make rosters for both.


This was pretty easy. I took Thor, Valkyrie, Angela and Enchantress. The Leader and 3 of the best models in the game. To this I added Toad and Okoye as 2 threats. Then Ghost spider. Then I had 3 slots left. I figured the core was pretty solid. Because I had space I added Loki and the mind gem, and then having one space left I added Dormammu, just in case.


Obviously I didn’t use my non-meta roster that I made (here). Instead I took the base 3 (Panther, Okoye, Shuri) and added Killmonger. I then added Medusa, Valkyrie and Enchantress. I wanted another 2 threat to run at 14 threat, so added Toad. At high threats It looked like I needed 4 Wakandans so I added Storm in as well, just in case. I had 1 slot left so I again Added Dormammu.

To test out the cores Brian and I played our Weekly game as Asgard (Thor, Valkyrie, Angela and Enchantress) V Wakanda (Panther, Okoye, Shuri, Killmonger and Medusa). I wanted to use Storm but the game was 17 points so I needed another 4 threat rather than Storm.

It was a bloodbath. At the end of the game it was Angela v Panther and Shuri. Angela KOed Panther but Shuri tanked a throw and an attack to survive and Wakanda got the Vp win. It was a close game. Asgard’s defense rolls were awful, the Wakanda and Shuri re-rolls were super useful and Enchantress was all kinds of BS. But It was super clear that Wakanda had the advantage because they can fudge the dice while Asgard are super dice dependant.

So I’m taking Wakanda at the weekend. And then I’ll either take Asgard or Cabal solo for 3 games at Element. Oh, and I took out Dormammu to add in either Angela or ASM.

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