MCP: X Jank

In the last week I both was tipped off to some X Jank (I think on the Danger room) and asked by a reader to look at X-Men Jank, so here we are.

A lot of X-men jank comes from playing with Storm’s leadership:

So lets start with our normal F test – can we reach the centre point and back AND can we get a back point and back.

Too Slow!

Even with a Medium base and M move, Beast cannot reach the center line (even if he was in line).

But using Storm’s Leadership and placing off another model…

Now he can!

In fact, He can easily make the centre point and then back to one of the other Fs.

And he can pick up both without using Rnd, thanks’s to this card:

So this only works on affiliated models, but it means the first interact is free. So this also enables models with places, like Cable.

With the Range 2 place and his short move, Cable can reach a center point, and then come back. And he doesn’t need advanced RnD, just the First Class card. Cable doesn’t even need Storm’s Leadership.

If we just try to use Storm’s Leadership without the teleport, we can’t quite make it. What about a Medium mover?


So a medium mover small base model (most of the X-men) can reach a center point, if the use a Medium base to place off of, so Beast or Cable (and eventually Collossus).

So Cable can reach a center point on his own using First Class or RnD, and using Beast and Storm’s leadership a second model can also reach the center point. Any other center line tricks?

Enter, Magik.

So Magik can place at range 1, 2 or 3. We’ll ignore 3, she has no way of doing that turn 1. Let’s try 1…


Obviously that wasn’t enough. Cyclops needed a medium base to place off. So the range 1 isn’t enough. We could combo it with another model and Storm’s Leadership, but we don’t need Magik for that.


That’s more like it. with a range 2 teleport Magik can reach the center point AND have a move left. So she needs Advanced RnD AND First Class to do this, but First class works for the whole round.

So With First Class AND Advanced Rnd, a team of Beast, Cable, Storm and Magik can reach the centre point 3 times and get back. It’s only 14 threat. I’m not sure why you would need to (Legacy Virus – getting 2, Skrulls or Alien Ship), but It’s nice to have options.

So is that it? Are we done? Not quite. There is also this card:

This actually means anyone can just move twice to the centre line and then Cyclops or Storm can pull them back.

And back…

Cyclops moves twice, grabs the point, and Storm used “To me…” to make him walk back short.

And now we can mess with those back points!

Go Beast Go!

Beast can Reach the back point with 2 medium moves, (and can even grab your extract on the way using first class) and then…

…you can use “to me” to walk Beast back to your side of the table. He’s still vulnerable, but less than he was. Remember – he goes towards the leader that used the card, so place them well!

Not just beast

Other models can also get to a back point using Storm’s leadership, and then “To me” to get back to safety (ish). Which also means, if you use Magik, she can get really far back!

Place off Beast (or Cable), Move, move, “To me” short move, range 1 or 2 teleport. This is much safer. But also requires 2 or 3 cards to do!

Now what would also be nice is using Cable. But even placing off beast he can’t reach the back point, to then teleport back. But…

A use for Black Dwarf!

If you place of a big base (which you can, because it says allied), Cable can now move twice, grab the extract using first class, and then bodyslide and “to me” back”


So there we go. Plenty of ways to get to the middle line extracts, and ways to get to the far extracts. They’re all super card intensive, but if you like Silly Extract Jank, try X-men!

Remember – Because B and F maps are the same distance from the back, the far tactics also work for B maps like Panic. And also, don’t expect to easily pull off these plays in a proper game. Any decent player will see this coming a mile off… But doesn’t mean you can’t try!

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