MCP: Elysium Event 4

So this past sunday I did the short 35 minute drive to Pontefract to play MCP at Elysium Wargames. This would be the 4th Event Ellis (The owner – great guy) has run. So far I’ve gone 2-1, 0-3 and 1-3. So I was hoping to do well like the first visit and not the last 2. I was planning to take Wakanda, but then only 10 people were registered on Longshanks so I thought there was only 3 rounds, so was going to use Asgard, but there was actually 14 people so I switched back to Wakanda. I actually took both rosters with me, just in case.

Game 1 I was playing George. He’s a great guy who I’ve seen at at least one other event but never played. He was running Samvengers. I won Priority, chose extracts and picked Research station, he chose Mutant Madmen. This wasn’t ideal, but I think 2 of his secures were the same as mine, just not this one. We played at 16.

I took Panther, Shuri, Okoye, Valkyrie, Enchantress V Sam, Warmachine, Hawkeye, Antman, Toad and Rocket.

Round 1 started straightforward. I moved Panther to my left secure and flipped it. He moved up Hawkeye and shot Panther for 1 damage but also slow. I passed and Warmachine flipped his right secure. Okoye moved up, Ant-man moved up and did 0 damage! Valkyrie moved and threw him off the center. Rocket did 2 damage to Okoye. Shuri went to flip the right point – I should have done this before moving Valkyrie and sure enough, Shuri missed the flip on 3 dice. Toad flipped the left point. Enchantress moved up to backstop Valkyrie. Sam Attacked Valkyrie getting 4 hits (on 4 dice) including the ricochet which did 1 to okoye. He then used Avengers Assemble to get Ant-man and Sam onto the point. If Hawkeye had been closer it would have been his score. 1-2.

I started round 2 charging Valkyrie at Ant-man and using all the power to do Dragon Fang, getting 9 hits! She did 2 more to Sam and then 1 on him by throwing a tree at him. Sam charged Shuri and did no damage (better) and then 1 but also failed to flip my right secure. Shuri pushed him back off but also failed to flip the point…again. Warmachine then moved for a beam doing 1 to okoye, 2 to Valkyrie and 4 to Enchantress dazing the first two. He then used Follow me for Rocket to go who dazed Enchantress. I had been planning on AYG/FD combo but that was now shot. Black Panther moved towards toad, doing 3 damage then flipping his back left point. In return Toad flipped my back left secure. Hawk Eye moved up and shot Shuri for 0 damage. I scored 1 to 4 for 2-6.

Echantress went first, having a lot of power. She moved 3 models into a row then Beamed them. 4 damage on Warmachine for daze, 1 and 2 on Ant-man, 3 and 1 on Hawkeye for daze and 1 on Sam. She then threw scenery at Toad and dazed him. So a pretty good turn. They used the leadership but it couldn’t really prevent enough (Sam got to safety). He played Field Dressing on Warmachine who then did 3 to Valkyrie and 2 on Okoye. Valkyrie charged, dazing rocket and KOing Ant-man. Sam attacked Valkyrie and then ricocheted onto Okoye but got 0 damage. I flipped my left Secure and Shuri finally flipped the right secure. I scored 5-1 for a 7-7 tie game.

Warmachine went first, I had forgotten he wasn’t dazed. He beamed but only did 1 to valkyrie. He then used Empty the clip and KOed Valkyrie and dazed himself. Enchantress KOed Hawkeye and Toad, rocket fired his big gun at shuri, dazing her and doing 1 to Okoye for the KO. Black Panther finally shook the slow and moved to the researcher. He attacked Rocket with pounce but he blocked 3 damage…on 2 dice. Sam did 1 more damage to Enchantress. +3 +1 for 10-8.

We were meant to stop at this point unless it was a draw but carried on. There were only a few models left! Enchantress used All You’ve got – I figured I could KO his team for win, but I only got Warmachine. Panther KOed Rocket and Scored the Researcher. +4+2 for a 14-10 win. There was a mistake at the end which might have meant it was 12-10 but it didn’t make much difference.

It was a pretty close game throughout. Warmachine and Enchantress did the most work. It was annoying to not be able to combo Field dressing and AYG, and then when I did use AYG Enchantress did very little! But considering how hot his dice were rolling I was happy to win this game. I was shattered after, so I was glad it was lunch.

Game 2 I drew “Angry Paul” which seemed to be an Ironic name as Paul was incredibly friendly and happy. He was actually older than me, “Battle of the old men” he called it! He was running Defenders and Midnight Sons. I won priority and chose secures.I picked Sword as I thought that would be harder for him, he chose Hammers. We played at 14. 

I took Panther, Shuri, Okoye, Valkyrie and Toad V Blade, Black Cat, Wong, Okoye and Valkyrie. So we both had 5.

I started by moving Valkyrie to left point and getting the Hammer. He confused me my using Wong first. I was able to grab the right hammer with Toad, but left the point. He moved Okoye to the right point and flipped it. I sent Black Panther to get my hammer and center point, which was a bad idea as it got him nearer Blade. I figured he couldn’t attack him much this round. His Valkyrie moved up and threw mine off the point and flipped it. He had also used RnD. Shuri pushed his Okoye off right point but Black Cat moved up to sit on it. My Okoye moved up and rolled and got the flip. He moved Blade to the center and rolled but didn’t get it. He had left his back Hammer to get Blade to the center so I was up 6-0.

I used Black Panther to hit Blade and push him away (0 damage) and then took his back hammer. This was silly, as Blade bumped, and hit him twice for 4 damage and 2 damage (I rolled 0 def on both rolls) for the daze and grabbed 2 hammers. My Okoye did 3 damage to Black Cat. I was worried she could get Toads Hammer so I thought I better daze her. Wong moved up and flipped the center. Shuri pushed him off the point and flipped it back. He moved his Okoye and Toad dazd Black Cat making the right side pretty safe. He got to center point but failed to flip it. He threw my Valkyrie further away and returned to point. I Only had 2 power so couldn’t throw and flip so I moved up and tried to flip the point and failed again. so 2-5 for a 8-5 lead. He moved my Shuri away.

Blade Attacked Panther. He got 5 hits v 0 blocks and 3 hits v 1 block for the easy KO. 1 block on 12 dice for Panther…He used Siege of Darkness but Toad used slippery to escape. My Okoye attacked his Black Cat getting 3,1,1 for the KO! Poor Cat. But I had used Wakanda Forever, also pushing his Okoye away. His Okoye then moved to right point and flipped it. Toad attacked Blade getting 2 damage and a push, then hopped away to safety and cleared a bleed. Shuri used Climbing Gear and pushed Wong and blade away and flipped center point. His Valkyrie then ran over and flipped it back on the roll! My Valkyrie flipped the left point and then moved to the center and I managed to flip it for the points. +5 +2 for a 13-7 lead. I moved Blade even further away so I hoped he was out of the game.

His Valkyrie went first getting 3,2,1 on mine for the daze and then threw Shuri away. Shuri pushed her back and then flipped the point to me. His Okoye attacked mine, doing 4 damage. Mine attacked back (with more power) doing 3 then 1 on the flurry for the daze and I flipped the right point. I moved Toad left to make it harder to flip the point. Wong moved there but didn’t flip it. I scored 4/3 for a 17-10 win.

That game was also tough. My Panther getting wrecked so easily was bad, and his Valkyrie controlling mine was rough. Over the game I failed way more 50-50 flips than he did, but mine were all mid game, where as the 2 he failed were the end of turn 1 and the end of turn 4 which were key in giving me the win. If I hadn’t manage to KO Black Cat I think this may well have gone the other way.

Game 3 Was Ged. Again. After this game I think we worked out this was our 5th game, 4th at events. He had the big D. I lost priority (like it wasn’t going to be hard already). He chose secures and picked Demons Downtown (perfect for Dormammu). I had a choice of Research Station or Hammers. I chose Hammers as I was pretty sure Station was bad (and it would have been against Dormammu I think). He picked 19 threat.

I took Panther, Shuri, Okoye, Enchantress, Storm and Valkyrie. I almost took Medusa and Toad as last 2 but would have been unaffiliated so had to switch. Ged had Dormammu, Okoye, Valkyrie, Iron fist and Zemo.

His zemo went left and got the hammer. Straight away this was bad. I could take the right hammer but that model would be thrown by Valkyrie. Or I could leave the Hammer and Valkyrie gets it. This is where Wakanda are annoying – good for pushes, bad for pulls. I decided to grab it with Enchantress but sure enough Valkyrie threw her back. Luckily she only took 2 from dormammu and 3 from Okoye so survived. I used my Valkyrie to throw zemo backed, then used Storm and Panther to attack and daze him. My Okoye picked up his Hammer and we both had our back points so I had a 4-2 lead but a 1 stamina enchantress. I really wish I had just let him have it. I could have stolen it and run round 2 and been healthy.

Round 2 he started by throwing Enchantress into a tree for the daze, grabbed the hammer then moved away. Panther attacked zemo and left him on 1 (2 damage from 2 strikes, 2 from pounce). I then used Wakanda forever and Storm KOed zemo and Shuri pushed Iron fist back up the board. He passed and I was lost at what to do. I probably should have just stalled but I moved Valkyrie up and charged Iron fist for nothing. Dormammu could have got her but instead moved up, smashed the central building and attacked Okoye doing just 2 damage on 10 dice. He dazed her on second attack and took her hammer. Shuri pushed Dormammu away and moved within 2 of Enchantress, hoping to field dressing her as I had the power. Iron fist moved and used Flying Kick on Shuri to get onto the center. I didn’t have the power on Storm to Field dressing Okoye and also it gave me nothing so I took a risk. I put bitter rivals on his Valkyrie then Storm moved up and bolted Okoye, hoping for decent damage, but only got 1 and no shock. Shuri used Field Dressing on Enchantress, hoping she might survive a hit from Okoye. Okoye moved and attacked, getting 3 hits v 2 blocks for 1 damage and dazing her again. I felt it was worth it to get an Enchantress go and her stay healthy but it didn’t pan out. I only scored 1-4 for 5-6.

In the cleanup Dormammu brought back Zemo. Enchantress went first as I had priority, taking Valkyries Hammer and then beaming her and Iron fist. I did 1, then 2 on fist for the daze but only 3 on Valkyrie. But then she threw a tree at her for the daze. Dormammu then went and dazed Storm and Shuri, getting a 3rd Hammer. My Valkyrie dazed Okoye. Zemo then attacked Valkyrie getting 8 hits against my 1 block (on 2 attacks) and dazed her. My Okoye attacked Zemo for 2 and black Panther moved up to score the back point. I scored 3-4 for 8-10, so it was still close.

Round 4 it stopped being close. Dormammu attacked Enchantress getting 7 hits v 1 block and dazing her AND getting the 4th hammer. He then KOed Valkyrie. I played disarm on his Valkyrie and tried to get to Zemo with Panther but didn’t do anything. Zemo moved to the back point and did 3 damage to my Okoye. Storm went next and did 3 to Okoye, KOing her and then did 3 to Valkyrie and shock (so minus 3 attack dice now) and then threw Zemo off the back point. His Valkyrie threw my Okoye for the 1 damage to daze her. Then she attacked shuri and managed to KO her despite rolling 3 less attack dice…I scored nothing against 7 for a 8-17 loss.

So another loss. Ged must loving playing me. This started close but slowly moved towards him. I made a few mistakes, but the normal tactic of attacking Dormammu wasn’t applicable here as the rest of his team was capable of putting on a lot of hurt, and I didn’t have any real hitters in my roster other than maybe Killmonger. Moving Enchantress up was bad, but not doing that would have given him the Hammer lead round 1. There was a point in the middle where we were on our own sides, both with 2 hammers and 1 point. He passed, I randomly sent Valkyrie up to his side to give him a target when I didn’t need to. His team was really strong and Ged played solidly as usual, while I played too aggressively.

Game 4 I had Thomas Vickers. He had X-men and X-Force. I won priority and picked extracts, this time getting cubes. He picked SWORD. I should really have prioritised SWORD here but I wanted to play ASM. I chose 18.

I had Panther, Shuri, Okoye, Valkyrie and ASM V Cable, Deadpool, Domino, toad and Sabretooth. So Luckily it was 5v5, it could easily have been 5v6.

There’s a sword base and cube behind the building!!

If it wasn’t SWORD I would have just taken the mid-point extract and run but instead I moved ASM up, took the extract, hit Cable for 1 (he had moved up with Cat n Mouse) and then flipped the point. He used Cable to shoot back but only did 1 damage. ASM has insane defense! I was struggling to work out how to get my right extract and not just waste the turn, then I realised Panther could pick it up from the side of the building and then move and flip base using RnD. He was then in the firing line but there were no mystic attacks. Toad moved twice and flipped that point. Shuri then moved up and flipped it back (I didn’t have to roll as Toad wasn’t within 1). Domino then went and flipped it back to him. That was probably a mistake – No-one else could get to right point so he could have gone on left. I did go on left with Okoye and flipped the left point. Deadpool picked up the extract and shot Okoye for 2. I moved Valkyrie up and grabbed the Extract. Sabretooth came up and tried to flip the point but didn’t. Having succeeded 2 flips already, 3 would have been unlikely. I lead 6-1. I used the SWORD base to move Sabretooth away – He’s scary when he’s in range, less scary out of it.

Valkyrie went first and charged Deadpool. The first attack was 4 hits v 4 blocks! Then I got 3 on 2nd attack and threw him into scenery for 1 damage and the daze, and grabbed a second cube. Domino attacked Shuri doing 3 damage. Black Panther flipped the point then moved, dazed Toad, grabbed the extract they had left and pounced back away from Cables range. Sabretooth moved back and attacked Okoye but got nothing. But then he flipped the left point. Okoye then flipped it back and moved within bodyguard range of Valkyrie. ASM attacked Cable doing 4 damage and then Shuri attacked him but missed! the normal 1 damage would have dazed him. Cable must have attacked this round but didn’t do much…he incinerated ASM, but only did 1 or 2 damage again. so I had all 8 points for a 14-1 lead. So I pretty much had the game.

Cable went first and dazed ASM and got his cube, but I used Wakanda Forever. Okoye dazed Cable, Panther did 3 to domino and then Shuri did 1 to Domino which dazed her (I just wanted the push). Panther then double moved to the bottom of the board to guarentee the win. Deadpool hit Valkyrie dazing her and getting her extracts. Shuri pushed Toad away and then used Field Dressing and Climbing gear on ASM hoping to move him away from Sabretooth. Toad then moved up and hit him from 3 and dazed him again. I’m really bad at using field Dressing! Sabretooth flipped the left point and we scored 2-5 for a 16-6 win.

Getting the SWORD lead round 1 was really important, and then the massive points lead on round 2 gave me the win. If Thomas had got the SWORD base the cubes lead wouldn’t have mattered but his side lacked pushes and throws, while mine didn’t and the 50-50 rolls didn’t go his way. Since I was 2-1 I assumed Thomas was also but he turned out to have been 1-2, so I had put him to 1-3 which I felt bad about. But really the big difference here was 3 of my models could push his off the points to get easy flips while only one of his could, and he needs a wild to do it (Toad). I’ve played with X-Force and against X-Force and they are so underwhelming. They have very little control but also don’t seem to do that much damage, leaving them in Limbo.

So I played my 4 extra games with Wakanda for the 5 I need, and went 3-1 at the event. Unfortunately the tiebreaker was Margin of Victory and 3 other people (including Ged) finished 3-1 with higher MOV. I think with SOS I may have got top 4 but I was happy to just lose one game, unlike my last 2 visits to elysium. So another good event, and a pretty good showing.

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