MCP: Wakanda Roster Review

Having played 4 games with this roster I can do a roster review.

Black Panther. A mixed Bag. Did little game 1 due to being on flank and then slowed. He did win the game, but more because he was last man standing. Game 2 he died. Don’t engage Blade with Panther (or any other mystic attacker). Game 3 he killed Zemo, but not much else. Game 4 he was pretty key. The Long move is super useful and he is very tanky, but I always struggled to have enough power on him to make him hit hard. 6/10

Shuri. Her pushes are excellent and so is upgrades. Unfortunately when she is attacked she just melts, but there is usually a better target. I enjoyed pushing Dormammu knowing she won’t be able to for much longer. 7/10

Okoye. The usual. The occasional bodyguard. More damage than she should be able to do. Tanky within range 2. And all for 2 threat. Nerf Incoming! 7/10

Enchantress. MVP. Massive damage in game 1. Damage and extract stealing in game 3. Looking forward to playing her affiliated in Asgard and Cabal before the inevitable nerf. 8/10

Medusa. Didn’t player her all day – she couldn’t fit her in and prefer Enchantress. At different threats she may have seen a game.

KillMonger. Same as Medusa. At the right point value I would need him. And If there was an enemy that really needs to die.

Toad. Like Okoye, feels better than a 2 threat. Fast, has a push, good at extracts. 7/10

Valkyrie. Good offense, terrible defense. Wouldn’t be surprised if her throw goes to 3 cost. She’s too efficient currently. Was actually only good in 2 games and average in other 2, but I ended up using her every game. 7/10

Storm. Just the 1 game because I needed to stay affiliated. She struggles to start, but once she has power doing range 3 throws and 6 dice lightning bolts is great. 6/10

ASM. He’s so tanky. Against Cable was taking less than 1 damage per shot on average. He took as much damage from the cubes. Decent damage output with the place into the attack, like Miles. Not sure if his worth the threat he costs, but he is good. 6/10

And the cards:

Wakanda Forever. Great card, but tricky to play. Sometimes I didn’t use it when I should because I thought it might be better later and then regretted it.

Advanced RnD. Another great card. Wish I could take 2. So often useful round 1 to enable picking up an extract and interacting with a secure.

Climbing Gear. Only took it once, maybe twice but there’s always a time when you need an extra move.

Usurp the throne. Didn’t take Killmonger, so didn’t take it. Nice to have though.

Disarm. Only used in the Dormammu game. Awkward when you don’t have priority. But I disarmed and shocked Zemo, which made him quite ineffective. 

Bitter Rivals. Stupid card. Tried not to take it too much, did twice. It did it it’s thing. Will be happy when It’s gone so I don’t even consider it. Not taking it currently feels like punishing yourself to prove a point.

All You’ve got. Took it twice, but only played once. As with Avengers It’s devastating when you pull it off, but frequently the model you want to play it on gets dazed before they can use it.

Field Dressing. Having Priority so often this was hard to play. It is much better in wide lists where you play it when your opponent is done to bring someone back. I was rarely in that position.

Overall the roster performed. The re-rolls from the Leadership were useful as was Wakanda forever. Shuri’s re-rolls were also beneficial. And the other models fitted in well. I’m glad though I’m only playing the 5 games and moving on. The core 3 are a bit dull. I can get more out of Panther, and it’s nice to take a few unaffiliated but this roster would get stale quickly. I definitely had more fun with Avengers.

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