MCP: An Introduction to (Steve Roger’s) Avengers

It’s been a while but, having played some Avengers I thought I would do another Intro post(s) on the first Affiliation, Avengers.

That’s a lot! And we can add Hulkbuster to that (and possibly Ms Marvel?)

Avengers are one of the core box affiliations and so often one of the two affiliations players might start with. And there’s lots of them. And multiple Leaders. I’d like to stick to my previous format so to that I’m actually going to split this into a part 1 looking at Steve Rogers Avengers and then a part 2 looking at Sam’s (there may also be a part 3).

Steve’s Leadership

What’s good about OG Avengers?

The leadership makes everything cheaper! Throws for 1, extra move for 1, bodyguard for 1, raise shield for 1. Yes you can only do it once per turn but if you pick models with defensive abilities this really turns them on. Dr Strange giving Defensive buffs for 1 rather than 2 can save a lot of power on him. And the good thing about any avengers lineup is they have by far the biggest roster at 25 models. And this covers the whole range from 2 threat up to 6 threat.

What’s bad about OG Avengers?

Some of the models get no or little benefit from Steve’s leadership like Ant-man, Wasp and Warmachine. Models without defensive abilities like Thor only save 1 power a turn, which is nice, but not massive. If you stack your team with defensive characters, it might feel a bit one-dimensional. But you don’t need to, so don’t!

What packs do I need for Avengers?

Get the core. You now have 4 Avengers (Cap, Ironman, Captain Marvel and Widow). To get the most bang for your buck I would then go for packs with 2 Avengers in, so;

  • Agent Widow and Hawkeye
  • Luke Cage and Iron Fist
  • Vision and Winter Soldier
  • Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver
  • Sam Wilson and Warmachine
  • Ant-man and Wasp*

That’s already too many models. Get 3 boxes so you have 10. If you have to prioritise I’d get Scarlet Witch first. She doesn’t fully combo with Cap, but she’s really good, and Quicksilver does Combo well with Cap. If you aren’t keen on say Ironman and Captian Marvel, get another box. I’d seriously consider getting Hulk, his new card is Incredible and he brings Gamma Shelters which is a cool crisis. *As I’ve already said, I’d skip the Ant-man/Wasp pack for this version of Avengers, but it does have 2 Avengers in it. And although I’m not looking at Sam in this post, he combos well with Steve (but Warmachine gets nothing from him).

Cable combos well with Steve. Cheaper shielding and cheaper teleports. He’s a bit underwhelming so saving him power would be good. Black Panther is also good in affiliation as he has a few powers and the leadership helps him a lot on injured side. She-Hulk is also a good shout as Cap and Shulk can bodyguard each other, and you can do a 2 cost weight training, which is nice.

What unaffiliated models do I want?

I mean, you kinda have your bases covered with affiliated models. Anyone with 2 cost defensive powers and/or offensive super powers likes Steve’s Avengers. So Dr Strange, Thanos, Mordo, Zemo, Toad, Okoye, Black Cat, Enchantress, Venom… There’s a lot. Everyone likes this leadership. Beware characters with cost 1 or cost X powers like Shuri, they get no benefit.

How do Avengers play?

It depends. Take Cap and another bodyguard model and sit around tanking hits securing points. Or take Quicksilver and Black Cat and play some janky extract game. Cap gives you some more defense but also power economy which brings flexibility. You can take 2 and 3 cost models and go wide. Or take 5 and 6 threat models and stomp people. You can easily run a list with both.

What are some good Crises?

Again, because you can do secures and extracts and wide or narrow, you can basically play what you like. Considering you might be keen to stick around, Extremis consoles is not a bad shout (and it’s core box). And Cap’s leadership does allow some silly extract plays so Panic grips, Struggle for the Cubes and Spider infected are all easier to get a lead in (with Quicksilver anyway).

Any Specific Tactics

Take Avengers Assemble and Take Advanced RnD. The former can get you easy VP round 1 by reacting to your opponents positioning, or can be used to get extracts and move back off. With Cap’s Leadership and RnD Quicksilver can move twice to a back extract and then Long move away. There is much craziness to do with the leadership + RnD.

There’s also the old Big D*** Thor. Thor, Hulk, Cap for 15 threat. On Thor’s Turn Hulk uses Gamma Launch for a range 5 place, and then Thor can For Asgard for 2. Round 1 he’s hitting pretty much whoever he wants twice AND probably staggering someone. It’s super aggressive and lots of fun.

I also really like the idea of a team of Cap, Shulk, Okoye, Luke Cage and Ghost Rider (20 Threat). You never get to hit who you want, and then Ghost Rider damages you for not hitting him! No idea if it’s good, just funny.

What to Watch out for

It’s only the first super power that gets the discount. So If you want to throw and do another power, only 1 is cheaper. If you want to bodyguard or shield twice, only the first is cheaper. It’s very easy to forget this, think it’s everything and miscount your power spends. And again, cost X powers do not get the discount.

So that should get you started with the corebox and a few boxes. At some point you might want to pick up Sam, but that’s a different way of playing and a whole different blog.

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