MCP: An introduction to Avengers (Sam Wilson)

So last week I looked at the original Avengers leadership here, but we also have a newer one.

Sam has a very different Leadership and a very different playstyle and roster creation process.

What’s good about Sam’s Avengers?

It’s very efficient. You will get players dazed in a game of MCP. In all my games I’ve only once had a game where no-one got dazed. And you will be playing offensively, so it will happen. But when it happens a model gets a free move, heals 1 AND removes a condition. Because of this you will tend to run wider, low threat model lists. This means that your models can be more likely to daze but you also get more impact from Avengers Assemble.

What’s bad about Sam’s Avengers?

For this to work effectively you want to be taking mostly affiliated models and mostly 2 and 3 threats. So you can take Hulk and Scarlet Witch, but then the Leadership isn’t working as well as it can.

What packs do I need for Avengers?

You can get the core which will give you 4 Avengers (Cap, Ironman, Captain Marvel and Widow), but only Widow is necessary and maybe Ironman. You need the Sam Wilson and Warmachine box. To get the most bang for your buck I would then go for packs with 2 Avengers in, so, in order;

  • Luke Cage and Iron Fist
  • Agent Widow and Hawkeye
  • Vision and Winter Soldier
  • Ant-man and Wasp
  • Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

I’d take the first 3 and stop there. You now have 12 models, or 8 if you didn’t get the core box, but I wouldn’t take either of the core box Caps.

What unaffiliated models do I want?

I mean, you kinda have your bases covered with affiliated models. But any really good 3 threats fit in well. So Valkyrie, Lizard, Zemo are all good. You probably also want another 2 threat, so grab Okoye, Toad, Nebula or Bob. You don’t need a 2nd 2 threat though and in most of those cases the other model isn’t much good to you. Bob however comes with Deadpool who is a 3 threat Avenger.

How do Avengers play?

You play aggressively and smash face. You likely have more activations, so more attacks than the other team. And if your models are dazed, other models heal and move. Which gives you a control element. It’s also hard to choose targets. Iron fist, Vision, Warmachine are all capable of dishing out a lot of damage. And then people don’t expect a 6 dice Ant-man builder attack. Note that although most people play wide teams, you can play the odd higher threat model. You need a 4 threat for roster building, and maybe a 5 if you’re only taking 1 2 threat.

What are some good Crises?

Anything where you can get in and fight or use your numbers to your advantage. Demon’s is good. Let your models get incinerated – Some don’t care as they have damage reduction. You can swarm Gamma bases or Terrigen clouds to score big points. You really like SWORD base. You can easily go 5 wide at 14 threat which is helpful for winning it. You can happily play on B or D maps and play from range with Hawkeye and Sam. There are no specific extracts plays here but you can happily deal with single or wide extract maps fine.

Any Specific Tactics

Don’t contest a central gamma or wide C maps and fool your opponent into thinking they have scored it so they only place low numbers on. Then play Avengers assemble to move a couple of models up onto a point and take a big points lead.

Use the free move to move Vision or Warmachine into places where they can get multiple beams on enemies. This can do a lot of damage.

Use All You’ve Got to daze your own model to activate the Leadership. Then field dressing that model back to full health.

Use Doomed Prophecy with Warmachine for 9 dice beams. He has built-in damage reduction so will still take a while to KO.

Take Bob and when he suicides with his bazooka, you activate the leadership.

Despite being 4 threat Vision works really well. He’s pretty tough but doesn’t want to waste actions moving. Thanks to leadership and Sam he rarely has to move after round 1 and can just use beams and throws.

Winter soldier can get a move and an attack from an allied daze. But he doesn’t get the benefit from Avengers Assemble.

What to Watch out for

Models only benefit from the leadership once per round. So If a model has used it and a few more get dazed, the 1st model can’t use it again. Sometimes healing is important, but sometimes it’s the move and sometimes it’s the condition. Selecting who to do the Leadership on is key. Moving someone to safety might be beneficial. Moving the model you want to activate next might be good, but beware of putting them in more danger. And the timing of the leadership was errataed so It happens after an attack is resolved (which is not what it says) so it can’t pop off in the middle of a flurry. It also has weird interactions with beams and area attacks – so check the forums if you are unsure.

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