MCP: All-new Ironman Review

So 3 new cards just dropped (and i’ve not yet done Steve, Shuri or Modok) and although the changes to some of the characters are pretty minor I will be doing reviews of all of them. Why? a) It’s something to write about. b) I haven’t reviewed the old versions! At least I have games with these models and it’s not just guessing! So first up is Ironman because he has the smallest change, but also I’ve played him more recently.

Before the review…two new sections;

The Old : He was ok. He was just superseded by many, many other 3 threats. In the first few months after release we got Shuri and Valkyrie. In affiliation we got Hawkeye, Agent Widow and eventually Warmachine, Cage and Iron fist. With this many good-great 3 threats, ok doesn’t cut it.

The New: Friday AI used to cost 3. Now it costs 2. Which means he can use it every round under Steve Rogers. So 6 dice builder!

The Great: It’s Friday AI. 2 power for plus 2 dice is amazing. She-Hulk pays 3 for mostly 2 dice. Storm pays 3. 2 for 2 (or 1 for 2 under Steve) is amazing. And then he can gain power so he has more power. And hitting the wild trigger is much easier on 6 dice than 4. Also (only on red side) The Uni-beam attack under Friday AI is an 8 dice range 5 beam. Which is pretty great on a 3 threat character. Oh and Helios Laser*

The Good: 4 Physical defense. Damage reduction. Homing rockets having ignore cover and explosive is nice.

The Bad: 6 stamina would be nice, but he is already moderately tanky – more so for 3 threat, and he is ranged. Uni-Beam only being on the red side is a pain.

The Ugly: Always seemed like a missed opportunity. this is Iron Man. How did he end up being 3 threat when Cap was 4. He could have been tougher, had a throw and so on.

Overall he’s had a nice little bump. Will he see more play – probably. Will he see lot’s more play – no. He still is not quite as good as Warmachine or Iron Fist, and arguably Hawkeye is still better at long range. However, even before this card he was going to get a bump in picks because of this…

It says Tony stark. So even before the tiny change people were going to be taking Iron Man because this card is insane. It’s also why he only got a little tweak not a big one. So we’ll be seeing a lot more Tony Stark. Maybe he’ll even get affiliated to Guardians (like he should be, along with Carol) to give them a bump.

Tier ? Without the laser I think he would have moved up to B Tier. With the Laser? Top of B, bottom of A. Lets go A-.

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