MCP: Captain Marvel Review

Let’s stay on the Avengers Train and review Captain Marvel.

The Old: In my whole A-force run (18 competitive games) I used Captain Marvel Once. She was Ok, but easily controlled and even with the power boost she wasn’t that great.

The New: Binary Form now “only” costs 4, Danvers’ Special throws size 4 and She is immune to Incinerate.

The Great: Binary form is where Captain Marvel thrives or dies. If you can get it up her defenses go to 5/6/5 until her next activation and her attacks go to 7 dice, 6 dice re-roll all and 9 dice. She hits so hard under Binary form.

The Good: Energy absorption is sneaky good. She already has more dice on it and it can reduce hits and gain her power. Size 4 throw, Medium distance is very respectable. Immune to Incinerate is one of the best immunities you can have.

The Bad: Binary form costs 4. It’s worth it, but it’s pricey. But if you can get to it, sometimes you can stay in it. She still lacks mobility. She has ranged attacks so suffers less from being controlled out of range 2. But she still has no counters to throws or pushes and no extra movement.

The Ugly. Have you built this model? So Fiddly.

So she is better than before. But I worry she still gets controlled easily, which means she has to move, which means she can only attack once, which means she has less power. Under A-Force, Cabal, Steve Avengers or Dark Dimension it is now easier to keep her in binary form most of the time. But she still has the issue that other 4 threats are really good both in and out of affiliation. But she now can feature in some cool theme lists; She-Hulk, Angela, Scarlet Witch (20 threat) – all throw size 4, Dormammu, Voodoo, Clea (19 threat) – all immune to incinerate. As with Iron Man I think she will see more play, but not lots more. And like with Iron Man a new card (the Ms Marvel card) gives more reason to play her as well.

Old Tier – C

New Tier – B?

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