MCP: All-new Old Captain America Review

You know what? I never actually reviewed Cap’s new card. I just did the changes. But since I’m reviewing the cards (and have a nice image, not a screen capture), let’s have a look.

The Old: When we only had a few affiliation he got played. But over time we saw them less and less. It was a common refrain to hear “They’d be good in Avengers” because the Leadership is gold. But he felt like a tax on the team. Not Green Goblin bad, just average. And there were more exciting teams to try out. His biggest issues were poor power economy (ironic considering his effect on his teams) and pretty low damage.

The New: Shield throw was totally changed to match up more to Sam’s throw, but being 5 dice. Shield Slam was also changed to throw size 3.

The Great: The Leadership. So many super powers cost 2. Under Cap it’s 1. 1 cost charges, throws, defensive triggers. All sorts of stuff gets improved with this leadership. And some things get silly. Like Thor charging for 2, Friday AI for 1, bodyguards and shields for 1.

The Good: That shield throw is now legit. Range 4, with a wild ricochet (on 5 dice) and auto gain on the power. It’s a good job it doesn’t have the push Sam has. the bodyguard >> shield combo is good. And shield slam is pretty nice. 2 power to damage AND throw a size 3 character.

The Bad: The shield not having push? It would be too good so I’m glad he doesn’t have it. Having to choose between him and Sam as leader? Awkward!

The Ugly: He does not like Mystic attacks. only 3 dice AND shield doesn’t work. Nasty. And only 5 stamina on a 4 threat character is rough. But his flipped side is tougher.

So Steve seem pretty good. And Avengers seem like a top-tier affiliation. Take Sam for Spam and Steve for Tank and Jank. I still don’t think he gets splashed much but at least now you don’t feel bad taking him to get his cool leadership. Between Sam, new Steve and big Tony, I think we’re going to be seeing an awful lot of Avengers for the foreseeable future. Now just make Bucky affiliated please.

Old Tier – C/B

New Tier – B+

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