MCP: Let my models go! What is going on with these releases and why can’t I get stuff I’ve paid for?

[Warning – there is no review, tips, help or content here, it’s just a rant]

A year ago Angela and Enchantress released “early”. We knew they were coming to stores, stores in the UK got them and sold them, but they were then held for official release until January. So no forum rulings, no TTS games, no spoilers and some places weren’t even allowing them in events.

A year later it’s all happening again. We knew Ms Marvel and Hulkbuster were coming. AMG spoiled the models in August and then spoiled the cards at Mini-Stravaganza in September. We were pretty sure they were coming in October. We had dates of the 8th, 15th and 22nd, but we knew they were coming. AMG even said they could give official rulings on them ahead of the release and so they were allowed to be added to TTS season 6 rosters. We missed the 8th, but then the week before the 15th we heard that stores would have them in stock soon for release on the 22nd. I placed by order on the 14th.

On the 15th they arrived in some stores. Blackgate Games said they had them in and they would be posted for release on 22nd. Other stores were showing “In Stock” rather than “pre-order”.

But then rumours started. Are they not arriving until January? Have they been delayed? Asmodee wasn’t meant to send them.

Later on the 15th a post from an Asmodee group circulated saying the products were not meant to be sold. It also asked for the models to not be spoiled or listed, despite AMG doing this back in august themselves. The reason given, International shipping Issues.

Blackgate updated simply saying they could not sell or ship them unti the 15th January.

So here we are. In the UK we have paid for models. Our stores have the models. We have to wait 3 months to get the models.

Why? Because other parts of the world are now months behind with releases. And someone (I don’t know who) wants the rest of the world to catch up.

US Stores are losing out to Canadian and UK stores who are selling products internationally. Is that related? No idea.

But some parts of the world have always had this. Ask Australia or South America. They’re happy to get stuff at all, when it’s meant to isn’t a thing.

But there are worldwide shipping issues affecting USA so no one else is allowed their toys. I don’t know why this isn’t affecting the UK. We don’t have petrol in our pumps or food on our shelves, we’ll be missing Toys at Christmas, and we still can’t get GFX cards, PS5s or Xboxes…but we get our plastic models somehow. Except, now we don’t.

I’d like to hear an actual reason from someone. Clearly they were meant to release. Everything from AMG indicates they were. But now they aren’t.

And to give another side of this. Why are delays in US so bad? I’ve heard there are problems at ports. But months behind? Maybe things shouldn’t be spoiled until they are in place, ready to ship to stores. It’s not like we would know. You shouldn’t have to buy things from other countries.

So to Asmodee, sort yourselves out, and LET US HAVE OUR DAMN MODELS. you know, the ones we paid for.


  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Covid and Trump are the reason.

    1. I can get behind that!

  2. First, we are having a labor shortage in the US. The unemployment benefits from Covid have led a lot of people to choose those instead of work. This was exceptionally prevalent among the longshoremen-those who unload the containers from the ships-who are used to working very long hours in short bursts. They delayed their shifts as long as they could to maximize the unemployment benefits. That’s largely over now, and the Port in Northern California is actually picking up the backup from Southern California (Which in itself has added time as those containers have to come north). The Second problem is that California passed an anti-gig work law which prevents companies from hiring short-term independent contractors. One of the industries that has been hit hardest by this is truckers who take the containers after they are unloaded. So now there containers are getting off the ships, but they can’t get taken to their destination fast enough because companies can’t hire enough independent truckers to handle the backup. The delay is largely a California employment policy issue. This does not excuse holding off the models from other markets. Why Asmodee is choosing to do that is beyond me, and doesn’t seem fair.

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