MCP: October Friday Night Marvel

So this past Friday was the monthly Friday Night Marvel Event at Element Games in Stockport, run by Tony Moore. You know, the top 3 in the world Longshanks player that ended Aruns winning streak. Great guy, great TO, great event with a bunch of decent players…and Quinn.

I took the Cabal list I wrote up here.

Game 1 i was playing James A, who is a regular at the FNM. He was also running Cabal! And neither of us had Modok! He won priority and kindly took extracts so we couldn’t play sword as i said i don’t like it. What a guy! So he played Wakandan Herbs. WTF!? I picked Gamma Wave and he chose 15.

I took Skull, zemo, Enchantress, Sabretooth. He had Sin, Xbones, Mystique, Mysterio and Ant-man.

Round 1 was mostly uneventful. Mystique walked to right herb but didn’t pick it up. Sabretooth picked up my herb. Sin and her Dad scored the Back points. Xbones moved to centre gamma shelter. Enchantress called him off. I scored 3 to 1. Then sins leadership kicked off. Amora and Zemo were pushed off centre point and Sabretooth dropped the herb. Red Skull was impressed by his daughter. Or angry…who knows.

Mystique grabbed the herb and did a move back. Enchantress did 1 whole damage to Xbones and walked him away. Red Skull powered up, but i forgot Antman had stealth and xbones was out of range. So he walked.  Antman put 2 attacks into Enchantress but fluffed both. Zemo charged xbones. 0 and 0. Sin rapid shot Zemo, doing…nothing. Quality Cabal attacks! Xbones attacked skull and then Enchantress for 3. Mysterio did 3 damage to Sabretooth! So Sabretooth ignored the herb and moved to mid shelter. I couldn’t risk going within 3 with 2 health.  I scored 2  to 1 for 5-2. I totally forgot my healing cards! But the Leadership did nothing this time.

Round 3 mystique moved to back point. Sabretooth dazed xbones, hitting trigger but wasting it, then healed, healed Enchantress and moved to back point. Sin shot skull for 1, in return he shot antman for 4 and daze. Enchantress moved up and walked Sin off point. Mysterio shot zemo. Zemo charged sin for 2 and Skull used cosmic invigoration on Enchantress. She beamed the mys pair, dazing mystique and moved Mysterio off point. Big swing, scored 6, so 11-2.

Round 4 swung the other way. Dark reign, sin and xbones dazed Enchantress, zemo and Skull in one turn. Sabretooth did daze Mysterio though. Sin scored all the points for 6, 11-8

Round 5 time was called early on. Enchantress Koed mystique and mysterio using Bitter rivals and Dark reign. Antman Koed zemo. Red Skull koed xbones with two unleashed cubes. We entered score as 14-13 as we both scored opposite back points.

Overall a pretty close game. We both had a 6-0 round and neither of us scored herbs. The difference was Enchantress and Sabretooth on first 2 rounds getting me extra points. My first Cabal win.

Game 2 I had Matt. A new player to FNM who said he’d only played 4 games. He had guardians so I was really confident. I won priority and took extracts, taking hammers. He chose Infinity Formula. I picked 18.

We had Skull, Venom, Sabretooth, omega red and Okoye Vs Starlord, Gamora, Rocket, Groot and Hulk! Wasn’t expecting that.

I messed up deployment. His Hulk could go either way. But I’d already committed Venom to left, so Rocket could abuse him. Big mistake.

Star lord took the right hammer, hulk the back, sabretooth my back. My last activation venom got the hammer and attacked groot, doing 2. Rocket did 2 to venom. We both scored 2 and 2 for 4 all.

I should have run with venom as hulk had gone left, but I attacked groot to heal and moved away. I considered the throw but wanted to heal. Omega Red was able to pull in star lord but only did 2 damage. I did nothing with red terror. Rocket gamma launched up and did the 7 damage needed with winging it, for the daze. Okoye dazed Starlord and got his hammer. Hulk grabbed the dropped hammer. Red skull hit rocket for no damage. Groot healed. Sabretooth attacked rocket which groot bodyguard and I rolled no hits on 7 dice. Gamorra attacked Okoye for 1 then leaped back to point. We both scored 4 again for 8-8

Round 3 I started by pulling rocket in with venom as he wasn’t behind terrain and dazed him. Hulk used winging it and beamed Venom, Sabretooth and Skull. 4 on sabretooth for daze, 6 on venom for KO, only 2 on skull and Hulk grabbed a 3rd hammer. Not good. Skull unleashed the cube on Hulk for…1 damage, and then throw into groot, which he healed later on. Starlord went rolling 4 crits on okoye for daze. Omega red attacked him for no damage. I scored 2 to 6 for 10-14. Basically game over.

Sabretooth went first with dark reign on hulk hoping for 15 damage. 5 damage on predator, 5 on claw slash, 5 for 2nd predator and KO and picked up 2 hammers. Rocket shot sabretooth for 6 hits v 0 blocks and KO. Omega Red KOed starlord. And that was pretty much it. I scored 2 but lost the game

Matt had some good rolls and I had some bad ones, but really Matt won because he only made one mistake, getting the hammer with Starlord not Gamora but he played everything perfectly, particularly his use of Hulk, groot and winging it tokens. I messed up deployment and just struggled from there. So clearly Matt is a very good player and Guardians are not all that bad!

Game 3 I had Angry Paul again (still not angry) still playing sons. We played hammers sword again but with 18 threat. I picked models I hadn’t used, Skull, Nova, mordo, Enchantress, okoye Vs Blade, Voodoo, Enchantress, Moon knight, Iron fist

My enchantress took left hammer and console. Iron fist did same on right. Cassandra shot him for 4 damage and moved him and flipped console. His Enchantress failed to flip it back. Mordo then grabbed back hammer and dazed iron fist. Blade and voodoo took centre console. Moon knight failed to flip left console so I was up 5-1.

Cassandra nova got to go first but only managed 2 damage on iron fist. His Enchantress moved Cassandra but only did 1 damage to her and 2 to skull. Skull tried to flip right console but failed. Moon knight dazed okoye easily and ran. Mordo did nothing to Iron fist. My Enchantress could only do 4 to moon knight but had to stay away from voodoo so stayed on flank. Voodoo in turn possessed mordo but couldn’t reach hammer. Iron Fist staggered skull, only 1 damage with iron fist. Score went 2-4 for 7-5.

Round 3 Cassandra dazed Enchantress as she was being a pain. Iron fist dazed red skull and got his hammer. Blade attacked mordo but only did 1 damage. Okoye flipped centre point but voodoo flipped it back and KOed her. Score went to 9-10.

It was late so I called it at this point. I couldn’t keep the points and couldn’t get Enchantress into game while Voodoo was starting to boss things. I could keep some hammers but figured that was it. We called it 11-15.

I think if I had played a more fighty team I may have been better off but his control beat my control and our attacks mostly hit high defenses on each other. So one all now between two players with a combined age of 99!

So only 1-2, but better than 0-3. Too many mistakes and bad team selection. Still had fun as always. And 5 games done with Cabal. Who are a lot harder to play well than Samvengers or Wakanda. Dormammu again next time!


  1. bonesaww666 · · Reply

    I have yet to play with Dormammu (was pretending I would paint them first), but I’m bringing him out this Thursday for a couple games.
    I want to make him work within Convocation as I have a thematic paint scheme planned, so my first attempt will be trying him out with Hood, Mordo, Wong as a 16 Base, can shuffle around from there.
    Mordo isn’t half bad and I like his ability to spread Dormammus gifts around, Hood has potential if I can keep him from having his card flipped at the worst possible moments… Wong is here to help with early power gain and to toss around some healing while sitting somewhere safe(ish).
    My biggest problem with a Convocation list is I want almost all the Convo Cards, they don’t leave much room for creativity…
    I would like to try out Smash for the Dormammu Spender Turn, adding another 4 dice would increase the chance of it actually going off… maybe throw Mordo’s Ferocity on there to make sure it goes off atleast one more time?

    1. I always take smash with dormammu

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