Editorial – Why I write a blog

[I have no real idea what an editorial is, but it sounds cool and important...]

I’ve been accused twice recently of writing clickbait articles. Once because I used the phrase “too hard” rather than “more difficult” and once because I wanted a rant. In the first case it was just a silly title and the article went another way. In the second case I was annoyed, wrote a rant and posted it.

The latter “free my models” broke my 1 day views record. Someone thinks that was on purpose. But my blog is not monetised. I got nothing from those views. I didn’t expect those numbers. In fact I posted another post on the same day, one I had thought about and put care into and it got less than 10% of the rant. If i really only care about views then I should just write more rants, right? But while I like getting numbers on my site I’m the only one who sees it. It means nothing to anyone except me. So why do I do it?

I started the blog way back when mostly writing about Rpgs. Marvel Heroic Roleplaying had just released and I wanted to do DC characters for it. So i started a blog to record them. I dabbled with other rpgs like Wfrp3e and DnD 5e. I took big breaks at times. I wrote when I had time and something I wanted to share. If i got views I was happy, but I didn’t chase them.

In 2019 I dropped a work day a week intending to write more. I wrote 19 MCP blogs in 19 days for the launch. Covid happened and I wrote less. In 2021 I started a series of 2d20 articles which led to a podcast. And then lockdowns ended and I just felt like writing about MCP, partly because I wasn’t playing much and it kept me more involved. I became a so called Content Creator. People liked some things I wrote so I tried more of that. But people respond via facebook rather than the blog so I have to post to facebook. I’d rather not.

So I do it because I enjoy it. Some articles are harder than others, some are more fun, some take more time. I like getting views, but that’s because it’s my only real metric for are people reading it and liking it. If no-one was reading, I’d not stop, but I’d write less.

At some point I’ll have rpg stuff I want to write about and I’ll do that. Currently it’s MCP. Will i write more rants to chase views. I mean, never say never, but the views are just a goal I set myself. I could write “AMG sucks”, “MCP IS DEAD” or “UK PLAYERS ARE BETTER THAN ROTW” whenever i want if I just wanted views, but I’m not interested.

The saturday post was a rant. I was POed and wrote it. I felt better. I posted it expecting nothing, and partly as a joke, then posted the cap post as my real post. The views exploded for a dumb rant. Not a review, tactics, writeup or help. A stupid rant. It’s actually annoying.

So there you have it. If you read this, you probably like this blog. Please follow it. Hopefully people might have a better idea of why I do this. Probably not, I rambled. It’s pretty simple though. If one person gets something or enjoys something I wrote, then job done.

And at some point soon I’m going to write something about a tough subject which I might mess up but I need to do it. And when I’m accused of clickbait I can point them to this blog. And then lock the comments in facebook. Again.


  1. There are some of us out here that enjoy reading your blog. I started reading it for the MHRPG content (I was playing it at the time with my brothers). I like the MCP content even though I have never played the game.
    I write a blog myself and for the same reason you do: I enjoy it. I like to see the number of views and visitors but I make no money from it. I do it to share with the community. I read what others have shared and used it as inspiration so it is only fair to return ideas and content to others.
    I hope others read my stuff and get ideas from it. Maybe they see a battle report and think that game sounds fun so they buy it. Maybe they see a random table and it gives them the ideas they use to create their own tables. Maybe, they just like to read what others have done since they don’t play.
    Keep on gaming!

    1. Cheers mate. I’m hoping when the new marvel rpg is out…next year? I’ll write stuff for that.

  2. Nicely put. I enjoy reading your blog, but I’m not coming here for drama. Most blogs are little more than diaries with open covers (mine certainly is) and I think you should be proud that your writing is interesting enough for others to opine on.

    1. Cheers for that

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