MCP: Star Lord Review

So first up from the 7 new cards is Star Lord…Who?

So Star Lord started off ok, but then we lost drop off and he lost a bit of power. And we got so many good team tactics cards that chucking them was bad! But now we have a new Quill!

The Old: Range 4 damage dealer. Pretty decent spender which the power stone lets you use every turn. But not much else.

The New: hit and run means he can move, attack, move. Improved Leadership.

The Great: bizarrely the leadership. It’s gone from one of the worst, to one of the best. 3 characters getting to reroll 2 dice is a big deal. Better than xforce, cheaper than Wakanda.

The Good: cost 3 spender. And Hit and run lets him shoot more easily. Plucky attitude can be good. Can take Power Gem.

The Bad: 3s for defences isn’t great for your leader. New Gem rules makes him less flexible than he was.

The Ugly: a running theme, the model was a pain to build. That head!

So previously he was very average and his Leadership was counter to how game is played. But it could be used to good effect and now the cost is gone. And he got better so is now worth taking every time. Whether he wants the Stone or not I’m not sure. I think probably, but it depends on the rest if your roster.

Old tier: C

2nd Take Tier: B

Comments Welcome Here!

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