MCP: Gamora, no more deadly, but Tougher

I took Gamora to an event once. I didn’t play her all day. She was so fragile for a 4 threat I couldn’t risk her. But have they fixed that?

She’s meant to hit hard, but die, I guess. Classic glass cannon.

The Old: died before getting to hit anyone as she had 3s for defence and only 5 stamina.

The New: Stealth! So she’s harder to target and the extra stamina is welcome.

The Great: 6 dice builder and wilds create extra hits.

The good: assassin leap means she can move and attack twice, or do extra damage. Stealth is handy to keep her alive.

The Bad: cosmic assassin still underwhelms for 4 cost. 2 attacks is nice, but it’s still 6 dice.

The Ugly: her defenses are low for a 4 threat character.

Unlike some other models I’ve reviewed I haven’t really played Gamora. So I’m not sure If she does that much damage. I’ve played against her and she’s quite dice dependant. The improved gotg leadership will help her. So better, but still not great. For 1 threat more you can have Angela. For the same threat you can have Nebula and Rocket.

Old Tier – C-

New Tier – C+ (maybe B, but I don’t see it)

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