MCP: Rocket Review

Rocket was always pretty decent for 2 threat but was super, super squishy.

Range 5 damage dealer with awful defence.

The Old: sat at the back, next to groot and shoots people. One of the few gotg used outside of affiliation (with Nebula). The easiest way to deal with him was throwing Groot at him. His attacks were always decent. But 2s on defence and 3 Stamina was rough.

The New: he is now immune to collisions and bodyguard is range 2.

The Great: immune to collisions is amazing. Range 5 attacks for a 2 threat model are great.

The Good: auto cover is nice, but mostly having Groot bodyguard all attacks is key. Booby traps discourages people coming closer.

The Bad: can still be pushed, pulled or thrown out of Bodyguard range, but it’s harder now.

The Ugly: If Groot isn’t around he dies very quickly.

So he sits at back and shoots people. Thanks to new changes he can even contest a point Groot is contesting without too much Danger. Just be aware of pushes and throws that can seperate them. He was good before and now he’s better. And with Groot being a bit better they are well worth taking.

Old tier: B-

New tier: B+ (A with Groot ?)

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