MCP: Groot review

Groot was pretty average and only seen to bodyguard Rocket. In my buffs post I wrote “Buff.Let him Heal Others. Hood and Wong can. Remove 3 from self or 2 from another character in 2? Make Tangling vines give slow as well.” Well they went another way.

The Old: Groot bodyguarded Rocket and healed himself, and allowed deadly duo. That was about it. He had a throw, but hidden in his expensive spender.

The New: range 3 strike, I am groot costs less, the heal is now one a turn.

The Groot: Healing 3 for cost 2 is efficient and useful.

The Good: I am groot is really good, but costs 5. Tangling vines is cool, root is a pain. 7 stamina is massive for 3 threat. A range 3 strike is handy.

The Bad: 2 energy defence isn’t great.

The Ugly: nothing really. Groot wasn’t bad, just meh.

Groot still struggles for a role. He can sit on a point ok. He’s great at enabling Rocket. But mostly there are other 3 threats that do more. Groot is really part of a 5 threat duo model. As a pair I’m not sure they compare to other 5 threats. But in Guardians they have a good place and are worth taking.

Old Tier: C

New Tier: C+ (B with Rocket)

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