I did it!

About half way through September I realised I had a chance of topping 30,000 yearly views. This isn’t a lot in internet land, but my previous best was ~29,000 about 5 years ago with some 5e stuff. At the end of September I was on just over 18,000 views but had done about 7,000 after a good September when I posted almost every day. I didnt think I could do this in October but I figured if I made 4,000 views a month for the last 3 months I would not only break my record, but pass 30,000. So I had a nice target.

October was going ok, then I posted a silly rant which blew all my other posts away and skewed the numbers.

So I ended up doing almost as many views in October as September without trying.

November was also quiet, as things are busy and I got some posts done, but missed a lot. 2 days after the update I dropped my first post for a week and…

So it doesn’t really matter or mean anything. But if you read this blog in 2021 you’re part of this, so thank you.

Now, what do I think I can manage in 2022?

One comment

  1. Hot damn, those are some awesome numbers. Nicely done!

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