MCP: Sneaky Update Changes

So I’ve already covered most of the rules changes and character changes in previous articles (look here for those) but after the big update dropped on Monday we got a bunch of extra sneaky changes!

Rules Changes

Thrown terrain now needs to be bigger than terrain it hits to destroy, the same as with characters. So no more throwing size 2 into size 2 to gain power with Magneto. Of course you can still do 2 into 1 or 3 into 2.

There were some timing and rules clarifications, but nothing that really changes how we are playing the game

Character Changes

Okoye got hit! We knew this was coming but hadn’t seen the card. She no longer gets attack re-rolls which seems fair. She also lost the gain 1 power on Spear Throw. This is big. Previously she could do this a lot so would usually have decent power for bodyguard. Now she may find herself unable to bodyguard as she may not have the power. It will also mean she can’t turn in to a murder machine later on. Strangely her flurry trigger hasn’t changed.

Bucky got Buffed! Winter Soldier’s Rifle is now rapid fire which is nice. His reactive attack on daze/KO has now gone, but that’s probably balanced. Will he see more play? Maybe. He barely saw any. If he has been added to the Avengers I think he would have got a bit more. Rogue Agent still only counts for squad building and not for cards which is still causing him not to get picked, just like the Punisher doesn’t.


I was hoping for some affiliation changes for Gwen, Bucky and Winter Soldier. All we got is Hulkbuster in Avengers and Ms Marvel in Avengers and Inhumans, not A-Force or Web Warriors like I was hoping.

Banned and Restricted

The 2 changes we had all been asking for have happened. Bitter Rivals is now restricted and All You’ve Got was Banned. It had so many bad interactions with Beam characters and some 6 threats it had to go, and it has. Plenty of people would like to see Bitter Rivals banned as well. I understand why, but think it should spend time here first. Panic was also banned. I find it odd that Panic is now banned, but Legacy Virus and SWORD base, which are also iffy crises are still OK.

Tactics Cards

We knew some of these ahead of the update, but some are new.

Ricochet blast and Thunderwave now cost 1 each not 2. So with 10 cards allowed in rosters, maybe we’ll see them more.

Doomed Prophecy is now Asgard only. This is a bit odd as It sort of a nerf to everyone but Asgard (sorry Carnage) but until this weekend I hadn’t seen it in Asgard much. I hope it comes off the restricted list – that will actively buff Asgard.

Pentagram now costs 3 power. So no more round 1 Portals. Which is sort of Defender’s main thing. Having lost both games with Defenders at the weekend, and seeing them with a pretty low win rate this seems designed to stop round 1 plays without seeing if it actually needed to happen. 

Rainbow Bridge now can’t move characters with extracts. Which matches up with other similar cards, but is a nerf to Asgard.

Advanced RnD now has to be played during the character’s activation. Which prevents turn 1 plays, but not round 1 plays. They clearly don’t like jank!

Gamma Launch has to be played in Hulk’s activation. No more launching Thor or She-Hulk and letting them get two actions straight away. This isn’t so much a nerf to Hulk as a nerf to the teams he was in and the plays they could do. So Defenders again!

So taking these changes, and the previously announced changes all in all we can see they are trying to change MCP for the better. Less turn 1 and round 1 jank plays. More making interesting character choices made on the fly, less pre planned crisis combos. This should all be for the good of the game. I do still worry that crisis selection will have unintended consequences, and some of the card changes may have created new “bad” affiliations to replace one who got better characters. I’ll look at that in another blog. But mostly, I think MCP got better and I’m looking forward to playing with the new rules…in 2022, not looking good for the rest of this year!

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