MCP: The End of Jank and Turn One plays?

I’ve written 3 previous articles about turn 1 (and beyond) jank extract grabbing plays here, here and here. But in the new update AMG seem to have got rid of an awful lot of these turn 1 plays. This is mostly because of a change to Advanced RnD. Previously this could be used by a character to give power to other characters whenever, now it only works in their activation. In this blog I’m going to look at which plays have gone and which are still a thing!

ASM and Angela Centre line grabs

This is still a thing. Of course If Spidey needs 2 power for some reason, he can’t get it from RnD any more.

Stealing back points (or non ASM/Angela Steals)

There were 3 methods previously and All of them involved having Advanced RnD. So you can do this on a later turn once someone gives you extra power, but you can’t do this on your 1st turn on round one anymore.

Pentagrams plays

All of these are gone as Pentagrams now costs 3 which means you cannot use the card round 1 anymore.

Gamma Launch

You can still do these, but it’s not as safe. Hulk has to launch the model in his turn which gives the other player time to react. So again, not on your first turn.

Storms Leadership

A medium base model can still get to the centre and back! And thanks to First class, They didn’t use RnD anyway

Magik Limbo Steps

Magik can’t get 2 power turn one anymore, so It’s just range 1 places and using first class, or going later in round with RnD used first.

To Me my X-Men

Yep, these still work.

Midnight Sons

One faction that has appeared since I wrote these articles is Midnight Sons. The range 1 bump is enough for Medium Base Medium movers (I think) or Small base Long Movers to get to the centre line. But they use a power to bump as so need RnD to pick up extracts. The Advanced RnD change means this doesn’t help most models now. Better to take Wong (in Affiliation) and leave RnD at home.

So AMG have stopped a lot of janky turn 1 plays. ASM and Angela can still do stuff. And you can still do stuff later in the round, but the change to RnD has stopped a lot of turn 1 jank. Unless you’re X-men which means you still have quite a lot of jank you can do through the combinations of Storm’s leadership, First class and To Me! So maybe X-men got better, because everyone else got a little bit worse!? I guess all the other affiliations are left actually fighting it our over the extracts!

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