MCP, Were the character changes what I wanted?

So I did 2 articles on which models should get changed (here and here) knowing full well that not all would be changed. Did they change the models I suggested?

Core Box wave

Captain America. Buff! Yes (cheated here)

Red Skull. No change.

Captain Marvel. Buff! We know Binary is going down to 4. They did make another change, but not the ones I thought.

Baron Zemo. Leave! Yep.

Doc Ock. Buff! Nope, didn’t happen.

Peter Parker Spider-Man. Buff! Again, no change.

Iron Man. Buff! He got a change, but different from what I expected.

Crossbones. No change.

Black Widow. Leave! They did.

Ultron. Buff. He got a couple including a bump to his strike like I suggested!

MODOK. Nerf! He needed it and he got it.

Hulk. Buff! He needed a boost and got a load. He may be too good now! So they made him a little bit worse after the first changes!

Asgard – Wakanda Wave (and Venom)

Venom. Leave. Yes

Black Panther. Nerf. His strike needs the same treatment as Shuri – only push size 3 or smaller. Make Re-roll timing clearer. That’s it. And that’s what they did

Kill Monger. Leave. I like him as he is.

Shuri. Nerf. They restricted her Push. Good!

Okoye. Nerf! I wanted her offense changed which they did, unfortunately she may struggle for the power to guard now…

Thor. Buff! Nope. Poor Thor.

Valkyrie. Nerf I’d change her throw to cost 3, or terrain only. That’s what they did!

Hela. Buff! Nope.

Loki. No changes.

Guardians & Black Order

Star Lord. Buff! …Or just get the 3 winging it tokens every round with no discard, yep, they did that. And hit and run.

Gamorra. Buff. 6 Stamina on front please. Yep, plus stealth.

Nebula. Leave. She’s fine for what she does, people are happy now.

Rocket. Buff.And add to personal Bodyguard so Groot and Rocket cannot take damage from collisions with each other. Well they did this, but also everything else!

Groot. Buff. They upped his range.

Drax. Buff. No. Not sure why not. I guess 4 models was enough.

Ronan. No change.

Thanos. No change.

Corvus. Nerf. He is way too efficient. And he still is. 1 point for chained activation and slight nerf to flurry. Can still hit with ⅞ faces of a dice which is too much

Proxima. Leave. They added the cost to her activation chaining.

Black Dwarf. Buff. No, poor Dwarf. He did get stealth buffs though.

Ebony Maw. Buff. They did. Not by buffing his power, but by reducing the cost of some stuff.

Avengers, Wave 2

Vision. Leave. did.

Winter Soldier. Buff. And Assault rifle could do with being Auto power gain and or having rapid fire. They did the latter, but still no affiliation.

Hawkeye. Leave. yes.

Agent Widow. Buff. No. Not really sure she needed any.

Wasp. Buff. Nope.

Ant-Man. Buff. Nope.

From first post: “I doubt we’ll see all these changes, and if they did the game would probably skew a lot. But hopefully we see some of them and it will change the meta a bit. So who really needs the changes?”

Top 5 models needing a buff: (that we haven’t already seen)


Iron Man

Ebony Maw

Star Lord


All of these got Buffed.

Top 3 models needing a nerf:




All of these got nerfed. 

So my main lists were 100% accurate. 

In total…

I asked for 6 Nerfs (but I knew 2) and they all got nerfed, so 100%. Of the buffs, I asked for 20, and got 11. So only 55%. Of the ones I asked for but didn’t get Thor and Hela I think deserved them the most. I said leave the other 13 models and they did for 12 of them, giving Proxima a tiny nerf. So of the first lot I was reasonably spot on. What about the second lot?


Web Warriors and Spider Foes

Miles. Leave. They did

Gwen. Leave. Yep. Still not in Aforce 8(

Green goblin. Buff. they did, and with changes I suggested. Nice!

Mystic Wave 1

Dr Strange. Leave. Yes.

Wong Buff. No, but RnD got nerfed, so Wong is more useful now…sort of.

Ghost Rider Buff. Add immunity to incinerate for a start. They did this, and a lot more.

Angela. I’ll have to stick with Leave for now! They did,

Enchantress Nerf. Straight off, Sirens call needs to be once a turn. They did that and more.

Street Wave

Punisher Buff. Needed an affiliation, still does.

Taskmaster. Leave . He’s fine.

Kingpin. Leave . Also fine.

Daredevil. So Leave him for now. Yes.

Bullseye Buff. In my eyes, the worst model in the game. So he became 2 Threat!

Initial X-Wave

Storm Buff

Cyclops Buff

Beast. Unlike his X-pals, he’s ok. Leave .

Wolverine Buff

Magneto. Leave

Mystique. Leave

Sabretooth Buff

Toad. Leave

None of this Wave were touched. We pretty much thought that was the case before, so this was just wishful thinking.

So Not including the X wave, I wanted 1 nerf and got it. I wanted 5 buffs and got 3. I said leave 5, but they nerfed Kingpin slightly.

Overall the models that needed to be nerfed were, although I’m not convinced that Corvus was nerfed enough. The models that got buffed seemed to get decent buffs. But there are still models that needed a buff that didn’t get it. In terms of me guessing correctly,  I was spot on with which models needed nerfs and leaving alone, but there were lots of models I hoped for buffing that didn’t get it. In terms of the actual changes, there were a few I got correct, but mostly AMG went different ways to what I expected. As I’ve said in previous blogs, these changes should be a net positive for the game, but I do wish they had helped a few more models out.


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