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More Female Alts proxies for Aristeia!

As mentioned last week I’m a big fan of playing all female teams and the AGL allows me to do this. I started with this article¬†¬†but have expanded to get proxies for pretty much the whole Aristeia Line up. So firstly, the ones from the Article, from the core box:   So then i’ve taken […]

First Aristeia! Event

When i knew i was dropping to 4 days a week one thing i wanted to do was write the blog on a weekly basis. And having just gone to my first Aristeia! event i though this was a good place to start. I played a 5 round GB event the day after, so it’s […]


So yesterday wasn’t my first game of Aristeia(A! From here on) but it felt like the first proper game. Brian had kindly 3d printed a full set of walls and i had printed cards for soldiers of fortune plus bought alternate maximus, lunah and mushashi giving us a pool of 17 players instead of the […]