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Why I like playing events

A short History lesson (apologies if you’ve been with the blog for a long while and I’ve written this before). Many moons ago I picked up a game called Malifaux and loved it – the fluff, the setting, the models, the characters, using cards not dice – it was great. So I went to an […]

Morticians Turn 1 goals

So clearly i know nothing about how to play Morticians, but i can still work out distances. These aren’t as reliable as Alchemists because Morts aren’t a footballing team, but it’s still nice to know they are possible. Obulus Obulus looks slow but has puppet master. Shadow-like for 2” Sprint 6 Puppet-Master himself for 4” […]

Which Guild?

There are now 11 Guilds to choose from. And soon there might be another 11 depending on how minor guilds work in practise. That’s a lot for a new player to choose from (I know, I failed and chose all of them). Rather than Alphabetical or release I’m going to do this in the order […]

Alchemist Goal Scoring

So I’ve been playing Alchemists pretty solidly since The start of 2018 and used them in the Sheffield Team Tournament and Heroic Play’s Heroic Throwdown 3. At the same time I’ve started thinking more about GB and this included working out all the goal threats and so on. Pretty standard stuff, but might be useful […]

My Guild Ball Journey

So i tend to blog about what i’m playing and I’ve mostly been playing Guild Ball since I started in July 2017! I picked up the kick off box in about June and played a Practice game with my then 5 year old daughter, and watched some mates played a game. I signed up for […]