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MCP: Friday Night Madness

So Friday 17th was the 3rd Friday Night Marvel event at Element Games run by Tony Moore. Always a good time and doesn’t take up a day for a Marvel event (although involves driving over the mountains in traffic, and coming back near midnight). I used kind of a dumb Roster for this, having the […]

MCP: A look at TTS Season 6 Stats

TTS Season 6 is underway! Thanks to PC issues I won’t be taking part, but I have IRL events to go to in October and November so I’ll be ok! Xavier Protocols have published their normal stats post here and I thought I would take a look. Jacob at XP did the work, I’m just […]

MCP: One Roster to rule them all, part 1

So, prior to the Friday Night event on 17th September my Longshanks record looked like this: Ugh, those 18 games with A-Force were brutal, but not as brutal as the Cabal event. So My first Longshanks goal was getting the A-Force badge. And I managed that. So then I played Avengers because It was played […]

MCP: 3-Box Challenge Suggestions, part 2

My 3-Box challenge died a quick death. Having had PC issues in game 2 I played a “friendly” game against Jonah last week and the PC crashed AGAIN. At this point I decided I need to give up on playing TTS. So I game my round 3 opponent the win and dropped. (also no Season […]

MCP Podcasts

I remember when there was but one MCP podcast, but now there are loads! What’s the difference between them all? Well, quite a bit actually, unlike the old Guildball podcasts that were quite samey (including the one I was on). A lot of these Podcasts can be found at Across the Bifrost, So lets’s start […]

MCP: Magik card review

So Magik had her card spoiled at the weekend as well. I didn’t forget, other things got in the way. Limbo, weird aging, big swords… So a 3 threat assassin. She has a variable teleport-place which is cool, and something we hope to see on Nightcrawler. The Great: variable teleport is so cool. Always affordable […]

MCP: Buffs and Nerfs Continued

So yesterday I looked at a lot of the initial releases, up to about June 2020 and today I will see out the year. Will all these models be changed? Who Knows (other than AMG). They said something about 50 models, but whether that is changes to 50 models, or 50 models they looked and […]

MCP: Who gets Buffs and Nerfs?

Plenty of people don’t like the Buff/Nerf names, but If characters are getting updated, that’s the language that will be used. Since we know models are getting looked at I’m going to run through the first year or so of releases and see what might be coming! I’ll cover up to CP 26 (Transformers) in […]

MCP: Marvel Crisis Meltdown

So the last panel and a bunch of rule changes…let’s have a quick look Gems don’t take roster slots but are now fixed in your roster. Super bad for Black Order. Maybe bad for Loki and Strange. šŸ‘ 10 tactics cards in roster. Finally! Makes dual affiliation a thing and allows more character specific cards. […]

MCP: Rogue Card Review

Rogue was announced and spoiled! Here’s what i said in my Top-10 most wanted X-men post: “Classic Rogue please. Flight, super strength, bomber jacket. So hit hard and throw stuff. If she can steal powers, great, but Iā€™d accept just draining power or stamina. And I know Gambit will also be in the box, so […]

MCP: Hulkbuster Card Review

So next up is the first card/s revealed at Mini Stravaganza; HulkBuster So a new type of character. No red side, but really the small version is the red side. But! You can turn back to the big side. Wasn’t expecting it to be a Leader. Or the second side to be so…weak. The Great: […]

MCP: Miss Marvel Review

So the 2nd card spoiled at Mini Stravaganza was Ms Marvel. I’m going to look at her before Hulkbuster because it requires a bit less time! So we have a size changer, but the big difference here is her 2nd side is size 4 and a massive base. The internet seems pretty divided so far; […]

MCP: Mini-Stravaganza wishes and Predictions

So the AMG Mini Stravaganza starts today so I thought I would do a little preview of my predictions and wishes and then see how spot on (or not) I was after! So Today we get a P2P live where they will show us Ms Marvel and Hulkbuster Iron Man. So that’s not a prediction, […]

MCP: Turn Zero

Turn Zero is a phrase you may have heard of. One of the podcasts for MCP is even called Turn zero! Turn Zero refers to everything that happens in pre-game setup: Choosing Extracts or Secures Picking a Crisis Choosing the threat Picking a board edge Choosing your team and cards Deploying I have to say […]

MCP: Convocation Affiliation Review

So Having reviewed the 6 characters I thought I would take a look at the affiliation as a whole, including the 9 spoiled tactics card and their weird leadership. So Convocation don’t have a Leader. You have an extra tactics card (does it count as part of 8 – not sure) which works as a […]

MCP: Clea Review

I’ve caught up with the Mystic Wave! Last but not least…or is she? Clea! 3 Threat, Mid-range blaster/support? She looks like a cheap mashed up version of Red Skull and Enchantress The Great: Range 2 teleport on friends Is the stand out thing. Cheaper than Strange’s but not enemies. More Expensive an shorter Range than […]

MCP: Doctor Strange 2 Review

So as with Black widow and Spider-Man we get a second version of Doctor Strange before we get a first version of Doom, the FF, most of the X-men, Spider-Woman, Odin… I’m sure it’s nothing to do with him having a film coming out. The odd one here though is that a) BW and SM […]

MCP: Hood Review

Mystic review number 4 is Hood. I keep wanting to say The Hood, but apparently it’s just Hood, no the. So we have another Transforming Character, It’s been a while. This guy gets two cards though. One side is a ranged support and the other side is a tanky assassin. The Great: Demonic Resilience reduces […]

MCP: Doctor Voodoo Review

And yet another review, halfway through the Mystic wave now! Garbage stat line for a 4 threat, just the 2 attacks, and a wall of text for a passive. What is going on here? The Great: Brother Daniel. It’s all about Brother Daniel. You spend [threat] power to throw Brother Daniel on them. When you […]

MCP: Baron Mordo Review

Another Day, another Review… Another odd stat block, 6 health on the front (5 on back), 3 attacks and…an attack buff! Seems ok a glance. The Great: He has an attack buff. And not a Kraven/Lockjaw buff where they need to go first. A thanos style in your activation buff. Yes you take a damage, […]