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So i’m currently on Holiday in Portugal… Can’t post a lot but ideally can find time to write. Here’s what i’m hoping to work on soon… Werewolves for WFRP3 Gear for Hunters in MHR Nightfall More characters for MHR Nightfall More Morphs for Cortex Eclipse Phase More Wood elf careers for WFRP3 Monster careers for […]

WFRP Wood Elf Careers : Waywatchers

More Wood elf Careers, this time for the second WFRP3 career: Waywatchers. I’m thinking some kind of beatmaster/rider class next…and then i’m out of ideas. Wood Elves do not not seem well supported by GW. (will i get sued for that?) Again, I will put all these up on the WFRP Elf PRoject Valour of ages on RPGGeek, […]

Wood Elf Careers: Wardancer

So the first non cortex content is here: Wardancer careers for WFRP3e. There are only two wood elf careers in WFRP3 and Mika picked a wardancer way back when i got the game (a few months after release). I’ve finally got round to making three higher tier careers. Funny – this is because of Star […]