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The Vampire Flash

This was made from scratch rather than converted based on a player’s request. He wanted to be the Joker but that didn’t really go with the Gaslight Bat! Vampire Flash Solo d10, Buddy d6, Team d8 The fastest Vampire Un-Alive Straight-Laced Investigator Celerity Speed d12 Superhuman Reflexes d12 SFX: Initiative. The Flash always gets the choice […]

Gaslight Batman (Infinite Crisis)

Wrote this up a while ago to play with. Even did a sheet: GL batman Gaslight Batman Solo d10, Buddy d8, Team d6 The sound of justice a proper Edwardian gentleman formidable martial art skills Sonic Weapons Blast d8 Weapon d6 SFX:Area Attack. Add a d6 and keep an additional effect die for each additional target. […]

Another Dissapearing Act

Hmmm, its actually only been about 3 weeks since I last posted. seems longer. The 13th Age campaign has managed 5 sessions! that beats the 3 i did for WFRP 3e earlier in the year, and pretty much and other RPG for the last…erm, since Uni (1994-7). After the starter game, 2 normal sessions ripping […]

Numenera [HACKED] Cortex plus quick Hack

I Preorded Numenera (because it looked interesting and i thought it would be cheaper) I Read Numenera (and it was interesting) I am Hacking Numenera (Because i feel like it! And the sytem is iffy) Cortex plus, specifically Heroic, actually seems to lend itself better to Numenera than the system MC has designed. Well, in […]

Fantasica Hack (and other games)

For the past week i’ve been playing Fantasica on android and a bunch of other mobage games. Fantasica is interesting as it matches up well with the MHR 3 affiliations. There are 3 attack stats (Ground, Air, Sea), 3 classes (melee, ranged, magic), 3 misc stats (speed, range, cost)  and a handful of special abilities. […]

My Fantasy Game: Resources

Resources Resources can be allies, minions, locations or Gear. The first 3 count as permenant assets and work as such (also – see Smallville) Gear works as powers and can also have SFX. Types of gear are Limited to certain powers. Again, powers straight from MHR (C) MWP. Power Starts at Non-Magial Non-Tech MAgical Tech […]

My Fantasy World: “Classes” – basics

Class/power groupings Gifted Special powers. Can select from any power grouping up to d10, some up to d12 Can choose relevant sfx Can select talents up to d8 Can select Specialties up to d10 Talented Exceptionally Skilled. Technically Gifted, but much more subtle. Can select from certain power groupings up to d8 Can choose relevant […]

My Fantasy World : The Cortex Plus (FHR) Hack – Dice pool and Character Creation

Dice pool: Attribute + Speciality + Distinction + Talent/Gift + Resources (+ sfx) Uses standard MHR/FHR rules. (See Hackers Guide) Character creation Attributes Strength, Skill, Will, Wits (Only real departure from FHR. Wanted stats, but not a ton of) Choose one at D10, 2 at d8 and 1 at d6, OR 2 at D10 and […]

Fantasy Heroic RP (cortex+)

Finally got the draft preview of fantasy heroic for MHR. has some cool additions to MHR and a bunch of optional rules. Need to stat some characters up before i commit to it. definetly happy with the monsters, but the Characters still lack stats and i find it hard to run a D&D clone without […]

My Gaming Worlds

I’ve talked before about not being able to find the right system but i think i basically have. Cortex plus does everything i want except have a world. I also really like the WFRP system, soon to be used in Star Wars, but its not very hackable so i’m ignoring it. I’m also fascinated with […]

Worst Blog Evvvaaaarrrr

Ok, so it’s not the worst blog ever, plenty of blogs go months without posts, but i can’t say i’m doing well. Let’s have a look:   April 12 – 23 posts. Mix of SC data files, C+ Hacks. May 12 – 39 posts. Mostly datafiles. A few posts on general RPG. June 12 – […]

Nightfall – Hunters

The third main character type- the Hunter. Hunters don’t have many powers, so will need less dice. however hunters may need extra rules and options which i will post at a later date…when i know what they might be. Rookie 5-10 dice Experienced 10-15 dice Veteran 15-20 dice Elite 20-25 dice a dice means d6=1, […]

Nightfall – Werewolves

So, werewolves. Like vampires, there is more than one kind of werewolf… 1. Humans that turn into wolfman hybrids. 2. Humans with the ability to turn into hybrids and wolves. 3. Humans who turn into wolves, sometimes really big wolves. Okay i’d quite happily see 3 dissapear. But to represent these in MHR, the main […]

Cortex+ comparisons

One of the things I have noticed with Cortex plus is how different people hack it different ways from the base forms. Smallville was hacked to anything dramatic. Leverage was hacked to anything team based. Marvel was hacked to anything action (or just anything). People tend to hack from what they know best, what they […]

Generic Cortex+

Why do I want to write a generic C+ system? I have issues with FATE I have issues with Savage Worlds I want a generic system written up so when I get the urge to play a game in a relatively simple, generic setting I don’t have to write a new C+ Hack, I can […]

What to expect…

What can readers of this blog expect over the coming months? Posts for a start. Posts on non-content for rpgs, such as have been appearing and are currentlt in draft. Posts on new rpg content Here are the taste of the things i hope to write in 2013: Rifts cortex hack (but might not be […]

The 13 Savage PathFinder U Barbarians of Fate Plus Next

What the F? In reality this is just a lead into various conversions/systems posts i intend to write for the games i hope to play in future. Currently i am playing Pathfinder – using the Kingmaker AP – and a number of houserules. Plotpoints from MHR, Aspects from FATE and using bonus dice rather than […]

Eclipse Phase Characters, Marvel Style

Distinctions 1 Background 1 Faction 2 normal Aptitudes 12 dice (d6=1, d8=2…) across the 7 aptitudes Morph & Gear 10 dice for buying a morph and gear Specialities 8 dice 5 bonus dice for aptitudes, gear or specialities.

Converting Eclipse Phase

Yes, it’s a conversion not a hack. Having gone through all the morphs in the Core book + some in Sunward, gatecrashers and Panopticon there are certain patterns that emerge so a conversion is possible! This conversion assumes you have the relevant Eclipse Phase Books. Although they are creative commons I will not be putting […]

Nightfall Thoughts

Why Nightfall? Why not hack WoD, Dresden Files, True Blood or Twilight (as if!)? A) Been playing it loads, both on the iPad and Card version. B) It has proper Werewolves and vampires C) No-one else is doing it (unlike my ME hack) D) It isn’t far off Underworld. So Thoughts…I’ve seen people suggest using […]