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My Fantasy World : The Cortex Plus (FHR) Hack – Dice pool and Character Creation

Dice pool: Attribute + Speciality + Distinction + Talent/Gift + Resources (+ sfx) Uses standard MHR/FHR rules. (See Hackers Guide) Character creation Attributes Strength, Skill, Will, Wits (Only real departure from FHR. Wanted stats, but not a ton of) Choose one at D10, 2 at d8 and 1 at d6, OR 2 at D10 and […]

Pathfinder Bonus Dice

So, my main issues with Pathfinder are: Strong heroes do damage and are better at fighting, while Dexterous heroes are good at dodging and Shooting but not fighting. So if i want a Dexterous fighter, he also needs to be strong. If i want a strong clumsy fighter…can’t. the BAB. I wish it worked like in M&M […]

Fantasy RPGs

As mentioned i’ve been looking at Fantasy recently. Next to Super Heroes Fantasy is what i Roleplay Mostly. Sure i dabble with Sci-Fi but i always to come back to Fantasy be it D&D, Warhammer or something else. And i’m trying to create/adapt my homebrew world to write stories in…So i need a good Fantasy […]