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2d20 Ghostbusters RPG Conversion

Ghostbuster 2d20 RPG Unless stated otherwise all the rules follow the Star Trek Adventures 2d20 Rules, available from Modiphius. Unless otherwise stated all page numbers refer to the STA corebook. Character Creation Use the rules for Creation In Play on p131. Choose the character’s role Are they the Scientist, book guy, mechanic, talker, occultist, guy […]

2d20 Ghostbuster RPG Conversion Process

So having codified our Fluff n Crunch conversion method, Jeremy and I worked through the process for a well-known property; Ghostbusters! This was partly because the new film, Ghostbusters Afterlife is out this week, but also because we are big Ghostbusters fans and it seemed to be a property that wouldn’t be too hard to […]