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MCP: All-new Old Captain America Review

You know what? I never actually reviewed Cap’s new card. I just did the changes. But since I’m reviewing the cards (and have a nice image, not a screen capture), let’s have a look. The Old: When we only had a few affiliation he got played. But over time we saw them less and less. […]

MCP: Let my models go! What is going on with these releases and why can’t I get stuff I’ve paid for?

[Warning – there is no review, tips, help or content here, it’s just a rant] A year ago Angela and Enchantress released “early”. We knew they were coming to stores, stores in the UK got them and sold them, but they were then held for official release until January. So no forum rulings, no TTS […]

MCP: Captain Marvel Review

Let’s stay on the Avengers Train and review Captain Marvel. The Old: In my whole A-force run (18 competitive games) I used Captain Marvel Once. She was Ok, but easily controlled and even with the power boost she wasn’t that great. The New: Binary Form now “only” costs 4, Danvers’ Special throws size 4 and […]

MCP: All-new Ironman Review

So 3 new cards just dropped (and i’ve not yet done Steve, Shuri or Modok) and although the changes to some of the characters are pretty minor I will be doing reviews of all of them. Why? a) It’s something to write about. b) I haven’t reviewed the old versions! At least I have games […]

MCP: Cabal roster go!

So when we left off (Here) i was working on a Cabal Roster and had this: Red Skull Crossbones Omega Red Sabretooth Venom Mordo I seem to also have slipped Zemo in. So i played the planned game to test out some more models. Skull, Cass Nova, Sinister, Xbones and Bob V big D, Hood, […]

MCP: An introduction to Avengers (Sam Wilson)

So last week I looked at the original Avengers leadership here, but we also have a newer one. Sam has a very different Leadership and a very different playstyle and roster creation process. What’s good about Sam’s Avengers? It’s very efficient. You will get players dazed in a game of MCP. In all my games […]

MCP: An Introduction to (Steve Roger’s) Avengers

It’s been a while but, having played some Avengers I thought I would do another Intro post(s) on the first Affiliation, Avengers. That’s a lot! And we can add Hulkbuster to that (and possibly Ms Marvel?) Avengers are one of the core box affiliations and so often one of the two affiliations players might start […]

MCP: Cabal Roster…in progress

It’s been 2 or so weeks since my last Cabal roster but I’ve decided I want a single affiliation roster, so no Dormammu. The previous 10 was this: Dormammu Red Skull Zemo Mordo Modok Enchantress Omega Red Crossbones Mysterio Okoye Dormammu is out, and I’d quite like to ditch Okoye (just for a change). Who […]

MCP: Wakanda Roster Review

Having played 4 games with this roster I can do a roster review. Black Panther. A mixed Bag. Did little game 1 due to being on flank and then slowed. He did win the game, but more because he was last man standing. Game 2 he died. Don’t engage Blade with Panther (or any other […]

MCP: Elysium Event 4

So this past sunday I did the short 35 minute drive to Pontefract to play MCP at Elysium Wargames. This would be the 4th Event Ellis (The owner – great guy) has run. So far I’ve gone 2-1, 0-3 and 1-3. So I was hoping to do well like the first visit and not the […]

MCP: X Jank

In the last week I both was tipped off to some X Jank (I think on the Danger room) and asked by a reader to look at X-Men Jank, so here we are. A lot of X-men jank comes from playing with Storm’s leadership: So lets start with our normal F test – can we […]

MCP: House Party Protocol in the House!

Super quick post. I joined Will from House Party Protocol this week to record an episode in which we talked about Green Goblin and his updated card and Rogue. I had a great time! Listen to it here

MCP: New roster, Wakanda v Asgard

As you may remember from a previous article I was going to run a Cabal/dormammu list, and the Midnight Sons and get my Multi Badge. Well as the saying goes “No plan survives contact with the enemy“. In this case the enemy was Brian, my good friend and now weekly opponent. 2 weeks ago we […]

MCP: Future Hulk review

Despite getting the card a while ago I have only just got around to doing this review. Current Hulk has issues. He has awful Power Economy and bad defenses. So he dies surprisingly easily. But you could just Ignore him at times as he didn’t have Power to do much more than move and attack […]

MCP: MORE jank

So I said in the last post there was even more jank for Defenders and cards, so let’s take a look. Mostly it’s because of this card: So Portals enables a lot of Jank. We can’t do all of it, but lets have a look at an F shape map (remember, B is a similar […]

MCP: The new Jank

So one of the issues/bonuses of the upcoming changes to crisis selection is that you either have to stop taking extracts with turn 1 plays or risk not having priority. But…what if instead of being worried about losing priority and a “centre point” extract, you have a plan to get another extract and still have […]

MCP: Random Crisis Protocol

So I previously did a quick look at the new crisis selection in my rule change breakdown (here). But I feel it needs a deeper look at. Clearly the main change is that with no choice any more of which of 2 you get you run the risk of having cards that are bad without […]

MCP: Green Goblin got upgrades!

So a week ago I wrote this post where I asked for a buff to Green Goblin (amongst others) and last night he was spoiled on stream! I posted this: Green goblin. Buff. I’m not as down on his Leadership as others, re-rolling a defense dice can be key. But I would remove the once per […]

MCP: Is it becoming too hard to make a roster?

There’s been rumblings and complaints that certain models need nerfing (by me, here and here) because they are a) too good and b) it means everybody plays them. The Season 6 Stats back this up as well (here). But maybe this constant picking of the same models isn’t just because they’re good, maybe it’s also […]

MCP: One Roster to rule them all, part 2

So after one short event in Stockport, my stats look like this: 2 affiliations down. So the plan goes something like this: 3rd October, Elysium Games, Play 2 games with Cabal and 2 with Dormammu 15th October, Friday night @ Element Games, Midnight Sons and Dormammu? 31st October, Showdown at Element, Midnight Sons (and Dormammu?) […]