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So i didn’t get the early access because i didn’t have £190 at the time, but also i wasn”t sure about paying that much up front for a game with no details. Plus i knew there was a KS coming which i was pretty sure would be cheaper and would have proper components, not print […]


So yesterday wasn’t my first game of Aristeia(A! From here on) but it felt like the first proper game. Brian had kindly 3d printed a full set of walls and i had printed cards for soldiers of fortune plus bought alternate maximus, lunah and mushashi giving us a pool of 17 players instead of the […]

Shadespire: the beginning

This might finally be a minis game i have time to play. I started with warhammer in 3rd ed and 40k when it was rogue trader. At uni in 90s i bought a lot of both. Lots of wh chaos and orcs, bits of the rest. A chunk of guard, orks and bits of other […]

Quantronic Heat Part 2

So after many failed meetups (including snow) we managed to run our next session of Infinity: Quantronic heat 2: On your Marks. We got straight into the background deciding to use the Triad backing and be called “Heavenly Thunder” Wiuth HuJu as the pilot and Benoit as a medic, plus bringing back a GMPC as […]

Domains of The Gods

The Gods share a number of Domains. Initially to make things either i will separate Gods by Pantheon and Domain rather than by listing individual powers of Gods (which i will get to much later) Initial Domains Domain Sub domains Example Gods Blood  Izanami Animals Cats, Birds  Bast/Bastet Chaos Mischief  Loki, Discordia Darkness The Night […]

God War 2d20 Pitch

So recently Mythic Battles : Pantheon arrived from Kickstarter, and although it has an RPG i’m heavily into 2d20 at the moment so i wondered if i could combine the 2. At the same time i started playing SMITE again…If i had the time this would be some massive pig PDF that i would kickstart, […]

Morticians Turn 1 goals

So clearly i know nothing about how to play Morticians, but i can still work out distances. These aren’t as reliable as Alchemists because Morts aren’t a footballing team, but it’s still nice to know they are possible. Obulus Obulus looks slow but has puppet master. Shadow-like for 2” Sprint 6 Puppet-Master himself for 4” […]

Morticians Killing Game

I’ve played like 2 games with Morticians*, 1 was close , 1 I got battered by corsair. So this post is mostly based on theory crafting since I’m planning on going morticians next, and then I can use my own advice. Since Morticians fight rather than score, i thought i would look out how they get […]

Which Guild?

There are now 11 Guilds to choose from. And soon there might be another 11 depending on how minor guilds work in practise. That’s a lot for a new player to choose from (I know, I failed and chose all of them). Rather than Alphabetical or release I’m going to do this in the order […]

First Impressions

Originally posted on Hex Appeal:
I was lucky enough to have one of the most enjoyable introductions to Shadespire. Not long ago my best friend had a change in circumstances, as part of this with some encouragement and the use of my laptop he took the plunge, deciding to apply for a dream role working…

Alchemist Goal Scoring

So I’ve been playing Alchemists pretty solidly since The start of 2018 and used them in the Sheffield Team Tournament and Heroic Play’s Heroic Throwdown 3. At the same time I’ve started thinking more about GB and this included working out all the goal threats and so on. Pretty standard stuff, but might be useful […]

My Guild Ball Journey

So i tend to blog about what i’m playing and I’ve mostly been playing Guild Ball since I started in July 2017! I picked up the kick off box in about June and played a Practice game with my then 5 year old daughter, and watched some mates played a game. I signed up for […]

Which 2d20?

Unlike savage worlds or GURPS or Genesys there isn’t a core 2D20 book (yet). So it’s more like the Eden systems (buffy, AFMBE) or Cortex/+ (Firefly/serenity, bsg, MHR, Leverage, smallville) or the FFG Star Wars (AOR, EOE, FAD). The 2d20 games share the same underlying rules but have differences. What’s the same? i.e. how does […]

Why 2d20?

Why the sudden obsession with 2d20? Firstly it’s not recent. I kickstarted Infinity back at the end of 2016. [Nope, it was 2015, damn it’s late]. Played the beta, enjoyed it a lot. I have some minis, but more I like the art and style and the setting, so the RPG is what i want. […]

Devil’s run kickstarter

There’s a new 2d20 game coming : Devil’s run. From the page : In a maelstrom of carnage and destruction worthy of a George Miller movie, the Devil’s Run setting exploded onto the kickstarter scene with the high-octane fun of the Route 666 board game. The setting’s popularity has grown and grown thanks to the hugely successful Hell’s Highway […]

2d20 Eclipse Phase

So in 2017, while waiting for the Infinity book I ran a 2-session game of Eclipse phase (continuity – a starter adventure) using 2d20. Most of it was scribbled on paper but I’ve managed to find some of the notes so I can write them up. This is a pretty barebones hack, but it worked for […]

2d20 base

A while back I knocked up a set of base character creation guidelines for a generic sci-fi game, which I then used for my Eclipse Phase session. 2d20 Base 3 Sections Background (Race, Upbringing, Heritage) Training (Class, Profession, Education, role) Customisation   Base Human Enhanced Human Gene spliced Human Android/ Synth Elite Android / Synth Robot […]

A Cult of one

4th Session. Only managed a skim read before, which caused some problems! The PCs arrive on Neoterra and get straight to interrogating The mother of the kidnap victim. No subtlety. They follow this lead to the detective and get some info. Then it starts going wrong. They consider breaking into the academy, which i point […]

AHS: Riots at Dawn

So mission 3 as previously started with some shopping on orbitals/Circulars. Geist upgrade for HuJu and more ammo. Complication on 2 rolls for this so i ruled the Geist got corrupted…twice. This took long enough (taking weeks to lower R) to give Benoit 2 lifestyle upgrade rolls moving him back up to middle. (He started […]

The Circular File

2nd mission – from 2nd Quickstart/Primer no GMPC, just HuJu and Benoit. Started off with some shopping, testing the acquisition system. having not liked it on paper in play it was quite fun. Although they burned a lot of heat!! Got a sword, knife, med. combat armor and 2 shortfalls! They were told of the […]