Monthly Archives: February 2014

DW Session 4

So another session, a different set of players( well combination of) and another crazy way of playing. Gotta write this up quick… This time me and M were using my new XBox One to skype to B who was at home. That worked very well. M was v amused by the Kinect focusing on here […]

DW session 3

So back to me and B, but S joined in. He sarted making a shifter character while we wrote the fronts and randomly generated towns using grim world, but then he realised some powers needed to come from GM so we binned that and he made a coffin bearer. We filled in the bonds, race […]

DW session 2

Different players in second game, the missus (M) She decided on a thief, annoyingly a halfling. Called Sketch I opened with “you are hanging upside down outside a building, why?” Turns out sketch was casing the marequessa’s mansion over the street. Guarded by only a few guards (her choice) and Guard Hippos (actually a very […]

Dungeon World…session 1

So i’ve been playing dungeon world over the last 2 weeks and managed 4 sessions. These won’t be actual play write-ups as I don’t have the time or the memory, so just an idea of what went down. Session 1. B and I decided to try collaborative GMing (see this article from Gnome Stew) for […]