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Fantasica Hack (and other games)

For the past week i’ve been playing Fantasica on android and a bunch of other mobage games. Fantasica is interesting as it matches up well with the MHR 3 affiliations. There are 3 attack stats (Ground, Air, Sea), 3 classes (melee, ranged, magic), 3 misc stats (speed, range, cost)  and a handful of special abilities. […]

Batgirl (Cassandra Cain)

Cassandra Cain was Batgirl for quite a while…but i’m mainly writing her up because she has an interesting history – daughter of Lady Shiva and assassin David Cain, adopted by Bruce Wayne, mixed up with League of Shadows. Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) solo d10, Buddy d8, Team d6 Troubled Young woman Naturally gifted, Trained by Masters […]

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)

Barbara Gordon is both the iconic Batgirl and (thanks to new 52) the current Batgirl. Difficult to stat in MHR because her only really notable stat is her intellect, which their is no stat for. Consequently she will be tech heavy, and i’ll also do another batgirl with powers. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) solo d10, Buddy […]


The main character from Knightfall: Bane. This represents his more intelligent version, like the comics and DKR, but still with the venom. I don’t know why some forms represent him as the muscled brick house (Batman & robin, Arkham games, Injustice). The guy is a genius dammit! He broke the Bat mentally before he did […]


I read about Azrael in the knightfall graphic novels, where he goes from wierdo to total Ahole. This represents him from around this period, but not his bat outfit. Azrael (Jean-Paul Valley) Solo d10, Buddy d6, Team d8 Computer Expert Trained Detective Angel of Vengeance / Grad Student The System Enhanced Reflexes d8 Enhanced Strength […]

Harley Quinn

Oh Harley, how much we love you. I find it hard to imagine comic Joker without Harley, although film Joker manages fine. Hard to believe she was created in the animated TV series. Harley Quinn (Dr Harleen Quinzel) Solo d6, Buddy d10, Team d8 “Oh Mistah J” Psychologist tuned criminal If it makes me happy, […]

The Joker

Do I need to say anything? The Joker has been portrayed memorably many times on screen as well as in comics. When i think Joker though, I probably think the Arkham Games. But wherever he pops up, he’s pretty much the same. The Joker Solo d10, Buddy d8, Team d6 Clown Prince of Crime Totally […]


Ah, the JLA. Like the avengers some versions are great some, not so much. The difference here is that DCs biggest heroes are the core of the JLA, while the Avengers (until the movies) were more stand alone from their most popular characters. with the new 52 the JLA were relaunched, going back to the […]

The Flash

Another character with multiple characts to take the name, but i’m going to use the most iconic, and the current Flash, Barry Allen. I’m not much of a Flash Fan despite enjoying the old TV show. I like the character, but somehow he seems to always be underpowered. I mean, he’s super fast right, but […]


Aquaman is always preseneted as a bit of a joke which seems a bit unfair. He is very powerful, commands a massive nation, yet because he has some water associated powers people constantly make jokes about how he is useless. Guess his old green and orange didn’t help. Aquaman (Arthur Curry, King Orin) Solo d10, […]


There’s quite a few versions of Cyborg. The original 80s version, the 90s mentor to the new Teen Titans, the 00s anime version, the Flashpoint version and now the new 52 version where cyborg is part of the JLA. The stats will pretty much work for any of these but the distinctions and milestones will […]

Green Lantern

Since I was doing the new JLA I thought i should also put up Hal in a separate post., with a few alterations and the ring added in. If you’re looking for the other GLs or a more experienced Hal, Try here. Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) Solo d10/ Buddy d8/ Team d6 “The Right Stuff” Maverick Green […]


2 Down one to go. Used to hate superman, cos he just wasn’t cool. Smallville hepled things a lot, as did Superman/Batman. Hoping the new Man of Steel film does him justice. Unlike Superman returns… Superman (Kal-el, Clark Kent) Solo d10, Buddy d6, Team d8 Man of Tomorrow Truth, Justice and the American way Big […]

My Fantasy Game: First PC (Woodelf Ranger)

Asbak Mo-dar, Woodelf Ranger                                      Cost: (25) 11+4+10 Strength    d6 Skill       d10 Will        d8 Wits        d8 Distinctions Woodelf Ranger Hot headed Take them all on Gastro chef Talented Ranger           Ranged Combat Talent d10 Invisibility d6 Wolf Attack d10 Wolf Reflexes d8 Wolf Senses d8 SFX:Arrows and Claws: Add d6 to attack pool. Step down highest dice. Step up Physical Stress […]

My Fantasy Game: Character point buy examples

This is just as an example of how dice spends work. Recap: Attributes Strength, Skill, Will, Wits Choose one at D10, 2 at d8 and 1 at d6, OR 2 at D10 and 2 at d6 OR 1 at d12, 1 at d8 and 2 at d6 Creation dice – choose 20 dice steps (d6=1,d8=2…) […]

My Fantasy Game: Resources

Resources Resources can be allies, minions, locations or Gear. The first 3 count as permenant assets and work as such (also – see Smallville) Gear works as powers and can also have SFX. Types of gear are Limited to certain powers. Again, powers straight from MHR (C) MWP. Power Starts at Non-Magial Non-Tech MAgical Tech […]

My Fantasy Game: Powers

Powers can be used in one set. These could come from your race, “class”, training, magical abilities or pets. Gear is a separate power set. Depending on your character type you are limited to certain die caps. The powers are straight from MArvel Heroic Roleplaying (C) MWP. Note – Characters can also take specialities as talents which fall under […]

My Fantasy Game: Specialties/Talents

Specialties/Talents Specialties come in Four types: Rookie, Expert, Master and Legend. These are at d6, d8, d10, d12 Optional : If a skill is attempted without a die, roll a d4 in the pool. * Expert Specialties can be used as a d8, or split into 2d6. Master Specialties can be used as a d10, […]

My Fantasy World: “Classes” – basics

Class/power groupings Gifted Special powers. Can select from any power grouping up to d10, some up to d12 Can choose relevant sfx Can select talents up to d8 Can select Specialties up to d10 Talented Exceptionally Skilled. Technically Gifted, but much more subtle. Can select from certain power groupings up to d8 Can choose relevant […]

Google Hangout Session

Wow! just ran a game on google hangout with one of my players. Since we both have young daughters and can’t leave the house we thought we’d try a RP session on hangout. Used Dicestream for die rolling and then Googledrive with sketchpads and note pages. IT worked great. Sketchpad was useful to have images […]