Mass Effect Hack (for C+)

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Rules Varitations

Character Creation

Here is the Compiled File (Word Doc): Character Creation Document +gear :


Character Sheets:

More Stuff


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  2. Hi,
    I’m gonna use this hack with my roleplay group. It’s really good and i love the Marvel heroic system.
    however, it is my first time as GM in my group and i find it hard to come up with a story to play.
    got any tips?
    thing is, i cant have anything to do with shepards story…
    thanks a lot!

    1. For mass effect. Pretty much any kind of sci fi story goes.

      Depends on pcs.

      Military, traders, explorers, PIs, mercs, police.

      Any of the roles can fit any kind of game. Use the various wikis for inspiration. Ideally use the citadel or another location from the game to seem more mass effect.

    2. Easiest is trouble shooters.

      People hire pcs to solve problems.
      Retrive object or data
      Rescue someone
      Capture someone

  3. hmmm you got the imagination tank going here… thanks a lot! got a couple of ideas ready now, just need to work them out 🙂
    Thanks again!

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