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Do I even want to run a League Game? Part 1 – What games I have actually run in recent years

One of the problems I’ve had in running a League game other than system is Adventures. Over recent years I’ve found it harder to have decent time to plan good adventures and have relied on pre-written ones. Even with these I have struggled to find the time to read them. So In this short series […]

Generic Cortex+

Why do I want to write a generic C+ system? I have issues with FATE I have issues with Savage Worlds I want a generic system written up so when I get the urge to play a game in a relatively simple, generic setting I don’t have to write a new C+ Hack, I can […]

The 13 Savage PathFinder U Barbarians of Fate Plus Next

What the F? In reality this is just a lead into various conversions/systems posts i intend to write for the games i hope to play in future. Currently i am playing Pathfinder – using the Kingmaker AP – and a number of houserules. Plotpoints from MHR, Aspects from FATE and using bonus dice rather than […]