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MCP: 3-Box challenge tournament, Game 2

So this week I played my first game of the 3-Box challenge TTS tournament. what happened to Game 1? My opponent and I couldn’t make it happen so it was a draw. Game 2 I drew Chris Williams of Spider Foes Disaster and Wakanda Revenge Fame. This was pretty handy as if the PC decided […]

MCP: Double Feature, part 2

The Second event of the weekend was on Sunday at Boards and Swords in Derby. I’ve not really been before. I had an event in 2020 but got pinged on arrival so didn’t get to play. They have a pretty good setup and there were a lot of players – 28 in all, although there […]

MCP: Double Feature, Part 1

Having had one whole weekend off I managed two events his weekend. The first was another Friday Night Marvel Event at Element Games in Stockport run by Tony Moore. I was still on A-Force as I was chasing the A-Force Leader award. But after turning my 6-3 record into 7-6 I had made some alterations. […]

MCP: 3-Box Challenge Suggestions, part 1

So the 3 box challenge is gathering momentum and I may even be playing in an event, so I thought i’d jump on the bandwagon and write about it. For those that don’t know, the 3 box challenge basically says you create a roster only using the contents of the core box and any 3 […]

MCP: Dormammu Review

Continuing with my Review Catch ups, It’s Dormammu Time! Quick overview as Usual; 8 threat, yes 8! He has 10 health on the front, but 12 on the back making him the Healthiest character in the game. He has a leadership, good defenses a medium move and he’s massive. The Great: His Leadership. He makes […]

MCP: An introduction to affiliations – Criminal Syndicate

So I had a request for Criminal Syndicate. Unlike A-Force I don’t have a ton of games with CS, although I have more against but I have built a roster recently. The Affiliation: What’s good about CS? The leadership makes them very good at playing secures. If you have two models on a point and […]

MCP: Intro to Affiliations- A-Force

A few people wanted more detail on the affiliations so I thought I would do a more detailed look at some, starting with my current team; A-Force. What’s good about A-Force? The best thing about A-Force is the affiliated models. They have the best 2-threat model (Okoye) and arguably the best 3-threat (Valkyrie), 4-threat (Medusa) […]

MCP: Blade and Midnight sons Review

So Blade is up next in my catch up. So Blade is a 4 Threat with the standard 6 stamina and decent defenses, and he’s a Leader. How does he measure up? The Great: Super survivable! He can shake Conditions for 1 power. The only other we’ve seen anything like that is in Asgard. That’s […]

MCP: Moon Knight Review

Typical, I get busy and AMG release a bunch of cards. Well the catch-up begins here! The consensus on this model seems to be pretty positive. The main issues are his randomness, and not knowing when he will release or what affiliations he’s in. The Great: The Builder. It’s only 4 dice, but it can […]

Affiliation Playstyles

A few days ago someone asked me what characters and affiliation were “aggressive”. This got me thinking – maybe we need more new player friendly guides. People seemed to like my “which affiliations I hate” blog and that wasn’t high level so maybe I’ll do a few more. So this blog will look at the […]

MCP: New A-force rosters

So after reducing my 6-3 record to 7-6 I wanted to try some other roster options… A-force 4 [Characters]- Black Cat: 3- Black Widow: 2- Domino: 3- Enchantress: 4- Ghost-Spider: 3- Medusa: 4- Okoye: 2- She-Hulk: 6- Valkyrie: 3- Venom: 4 [Team Tactics]- Advanced R&D- A-Force Assemble!- Bitter Rivals- Field Dressing- Lethal Protector- Medpack- Recalibration […]

Fluff n Crunch, a gaming podcast

Way back in April a charming American called Jeremey messaged me about doing a podcast on 2d20. He had read a bunch of my blogs and was thinking of starting a 2d20 podcast and asked me to join. We’ve been recording it ever since on a mostly weekly basis with a break recently for my […]

MCP: 3 Events in 3 weeks, Part 3

So Event 3. As usual, no practise, just events. With a record of 2-1, 2-1, 2-1 for 6-3 with A-Force I only needed 1 more game for the Initiate Badge and a few more to be the top A-Force player. This time was Elysium Games again. But instead of 6 players we had 18, so […]

MCP: 3 events in 3 weeks, part 2

So event number 2 was the first event at Leodis games run by a old guildball chum, Alex Johnson. So I was running this: [Characters] – Black Widow, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.: 3 – Crystal: 3 – Domino: 3 – Gamora: 4 – Medusa: 4 – Okoye: 2 – Scarlet Witch: 5 – She-Hulk: 6 – […]

MCP: 3 events in 3 weeks, part1

This was a different event, being played on a friday night. but we managed to get all 3 rounds played in a decent time.  As per previous blog i had taken AForce. Unlike previous events I forgot to make notes during the event. So these will be short writeups of each game. Also I am […]