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Two Face

Another Bat Villain: Two-Face. Psychopathic crime-boss / Crusading DA. This is more the classic comic version than any other. Although Comic version is basically the same as Arkham version. Two-Face aka Harvey Two-Face aka Harvey Dent solo d8, Buddy d6, Team d10 / solo d10, Buddy d8, Team d6 Psychopath / Justice must be Served […]

The 13 Savage PathFinder U Barbarians of Fate Plus Next

What the F? In reality this is just a lead into various conversions/systems posts i intend to write for the games i hope to play in future. Currently i am playing Pathfinder – using the Kingmaker AP – and a number of houserules. Plotpoints from MHR, Aspects from FATE and using bonus dice rather than […]