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MCP: Roster building triple threat

So more events = more rosters. Obviously, I could just stick with my 3-1 winning A-Force roster. But I’ve got new models since then. I have 3 events coming up; 23rd July at Element, 31st July at Leodis and 8th August at Elysium. In between these games I’m on Holiday so I don’t really have […]

MCP: Top 10 characters I want to see ( X-men)

So having done my non X-men character list, now I can do my X-men character list. And just to be clear, this isn’t a favourites list. It’s a mix of characters I like AND characters I think will be fun in the game. And it’s only a list of 10 and I had to leave […]

MCP: Which affiliations and characters are hard to play against, and why?

Okay so I haven’t played huge amounts of MCP, but I have played a lot of tournament games. In the last year I’ve played 2 seasons of TTS and 5 IRL events. So I’ve played against a lot of different people, playing different affiliations in competitive games.   Played Against Wins Losses % A-Force 1 100% […]

MCP: Top 10 characters I want to see (not X-men)

So we know certain characters are coming; Blade, Moon Knight, Ms Marvel have spoiled sculpts. Colossus and Juggernaut are on affiliation cards. But given the current rate of releases of roughly 4 characters a month we can expect maybe another 16 characters by christmas, so that’s 10 we don’t don’t know about. So In this […]

MCP: The Re-Roll Crisis

So a question was asked on the rules forum, which was answered and then clarified and then talked about a lot on discord and facebook and then there were blogs and podcasts and videos and a film and a book tour….So I’m jumping on the bandwagon, but with a slightly lower-level look at what’s going […]

MCP: Cassandra Nova Review

When she was announced the reaction was pretty negative. Many players hadn’t heard of her and many who had didn’t want her. There’s a pretty clear reason; why release Professor X’s retconned twin sister from a handful of stories than the character the X-men are named after? I totally agree with this view. It smacked […]

MCP: A Tale of 2 events, Part 2

So event 2 did not start well. I got home at 10 and tried to decide on a roster, but only managed to narrow down to about 5. I decided to just sort it at the venue as I wanted to get there at a decent time to register. Then I was ill over night […]

MCP: A-Force Roster building and Review

So as you may have read here and here I had a bad day with Spider-foes and needed a new roster. I basically crossed off factions I wasn’t comfortable with. I then checked the TTS season 5 rankings to see what factions they had taken, but that didn’t really help. I manged to narrow this […]

MCP: A tale of 2 events, Part 1

So this weekend I ended up playing in two events. It was meant to be one on sunday but I ended up making the saturday event also, and then dashing back to watch the England game! It was a long weekend in the end and although I took notes, I didn’t get everything down – […]

MCP: Spider-Foes Roster Review

So now I’ve played event games with the Spider-foes, how do they match up? (Normally this would go at the end of an event post, but it was already quite long!) Green Goblin – Ugh. His front side is bad. He has some good stuff – Hit n Run, Tricks and Traps, night of the […]

MCP: End of TTS and X-force Review

So I had my last game of TTS Season 5, so there will be a quick write-up, a season review and an X-Force review. Game 6! I lost priority and we got Sword and Research Station. My opponent chose 14 points. I chose Cable (considered Storm, but not played her yet), Domino, Deadpool, and then […]

MCP: Omega Red Quick Review

Poor Omega Red. On the day his card is revealed the Cassandra Nova card is revealed and all the buzz switched to whether Nova is better than Jean (Yes) and why a barely heard of character gets a great card while a fan favourite gets a poor card (To sell boxes). The Great: Automatic damage! […]

MCP: Spider Foes roster selection

So I went 0-3 at an event playing Sin Cabal. Doh! So the next day I built my spider-foes and played Brian, Criminal Syndicate Vs Spider-Foes. Foes won. And all the best players on my side were spider-foes. Admittedly I picked neutral crises and he had Kraven, but Foes it is! A Foes roster looks […]

Why I like playing events

A short History lesson (apologies if you’ve been with the blog for a long while and I’ve written this before). Many moons ago I picked up a game called Malifaux and loved it – the fluff, the setting, the models, the characters, using cards not dice – it was great. So I went to an […]