2d20 System

2d20 is basically my favourite system of the last few years 2016-

2d20 general posts

Why 2d20? – A review of 2d20, and why I like it so much.

Which 2d20? – a look at the differences between each 2d20 system and how 2d20 works.

2d20 actual play session write-ups

Infinity Quantronic Heat Infinity session 1

The Circular File Infinity session 2

AHS: Riots at Dawn Infinity session 3

A Cult of one Infinity session 4

2d20 homebrews, conversions and houserules

2d20 base – my version of a base character creation for 2d20 generic

2d20 Eclipse Phase – how I used 2d20 to run eclipse phase. Weapon, armour conversion and character creation.

2d20 God War. My own Homebrew Setting and gamee

2d20 misc

Devil’s run kickstarter

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