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MCP: A look at TTS Season 6 Stats

TTS Season 6 is underway! Thanks to PC issues I won’t be taking part, but I have IRL events to go to in October and November so I’ll be ok! Xavier Protocols have published their normal stats post here and I thought I would take a look. Jacob at XP did the work, I’m just […]

Big MCP weekend

So i played tts game 5 on Friday night followed by 3 round event on saturday. I was playing a really nice guy called David. He chose Herbs and I chose infinity formula. I was surprised by Herbs and had no plan for it. I considered taking a long mover to get it, but figured […]

MCP Crisis at Elysium Fields Roster

You may have seen this video, or the post on facebook with me asking for help for my next roster. Well let’s see what I ended up with! I started by eliminating a bunch of affiliations until I had A-force, Asgard-Wakanda, Cabal and Syndicate. In the facebook poll Syndicate and Cabal battled it out for […]

TTS Season 5 2nd half roster (and other stuff)

When we left off I was considering a mix of X-men, X-force, Syndicate, Cabal and maybe Avengers. With Sam Wilson Cap coming I don’t think I seriously considered Avengers. And I was still not happy with the core models available for Syndicate. A core of KP, Taskmaster and crossbones isn’t ideal. Seeing Kraven as Syndicate […]