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MCP: Web Warriors review

So i played 4 games with Web Warriors (5 if you count last week) and only lost 1 game… to another Web Warriors team. They’re pretty good. Miles was good to great every game. He’s fast which is good for extracts. He can hit hard. He has some control. He is one of only 4 […]

MCP: Fear in the Dark Dimension Event Review w/ Web Warriors

So after the Saturday event, on Sunday I went to Boards and Swords in Derby (only 45 minutes away) for a 16 player tournament. It was 17 but a local dropped to make sure there were no byes for people who travelled – what a guy! So this meant 4 rounds and a clear winner […]

MCP: Web Warriors Roster.

So as well as the Saturday event at Leodis, I’m doing a Sunday event at boards and swords in derby. And I’m taking Web Warriors. Yes, the affiliation I said might be broken. (If you read the article I xoncluded they weren’t). So am I jumping on the bandwagon? Nope, it’s simply the case that […]