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2d20 Eclipse Phase

So in 2017, while waiting for the Infinity book I ran a 2-session game of Eclipse phase (continuity – a starter adventure) using 2d20. Most of it was scribbled on paper but I’ve managed to find some of the notes so I can write them up. This is a pretty barebones hack, but it worked for […]

Another Dissapearing Act

Hmmm, its actually only been about 3 weeks since I last posted. seems longer. The 13th Age campaign has managed 5 sessions! that beats the 3 i did for WFRP 3e earlier in the year, and pretty much and other RPG for the last…erm, since Uni (1994-7). After the starter game, 2 normal sessions ripping […]

Eclipse Phase Gear

With my conversion notes i think it’s pretty easy, but to be precise i’ve converted some EP gear. Costs as per the EP core book. Remember, for character creation you spend dice: d6=1, d8=2, d10=4, d12=4, So a D10 gun costs 3 dice. SFX is worth an extra dice. All Gear has the Gear limit. […]

Eclipse Phase Morphs

With my conversion notes i think it’s pretty easy, but here’s a bunch of morphs. I’ve not listed basic implants. Unless stated all morphs come with Cortical Stack, Basic Biomods and Basic Mesh Inserts.  These provide the SFX: Cortical Stack. Character’s memory is backed up and can be uploaded unless totally destroyed. Mesh inserts. Can […]

Eclipse Phase Characters, Marvel Style

Distinctions 1 Background 1 Faction 2 normal Aptitudes 12 dice (d6=1, d8=2…) across the 7 aptitudes Morph & Gear 10 dice for buying a morph and gear Specialities 8 dice 5 bonus dice for aptitudes, gear or specialities.

Converting Eclipse Phase

Yes, it’s a conversion not a hack. Having gone through all the morphs in the Core book + some in Sunward, gatecrashers and Panopticon there are certain patterns that emerge so a conversion is possible! This conversion assumes you have the relevant Eclipse Phase Books. Although they are creative commons I will not be putting […]

Eclipse Phase Thoughts

So, how might i go about hacking eclipse phase? My initial thoughts are that the 7 aptitudes need to stay. Because these are the key stats for characters. Then keep Affiliations, distinctions, powers and specialities. Does that give too many dice? I Don’t think so. In MHR players constantly roll 4-5 dice. Without aptitudes you […]