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The State of D&D 5e in 2022

5e is basically the longest edition since 2e. 2e lasted 11 years (cos it was awesome!) 3e was updates to 3.5 after 3 years which then lasted 5 years 4e lasted 6 years 5e released in 2014. I was super excited when it released but my interest waned over the years. So what is the […]

D&D 5e Roll Dice for Bonuses Rule

So one thing that sort of bugs me about D&D (and any like game that uses a d20 for rolls and the other dice for damage) is that I have all these cool dice but I mostly only use the d20 and my damage dice. If you’re playing a non caster you might only get […]

Pathfinder Classes in D&D 5E

So one of things i really like about Pathfinder but don’t have in 5E is all the classes. Not so bothered about the archetypes. They are nice to have, but most are pointless or are just themes. Have statted most of the races i want, monsters are pretty easy to convert or re-skin and i […]

Golarion – Inner Sea overview

┬áBrief overview of the inner sea area of golarion (main area) The Inner sea region: countries in bold are in APs Avistan Absalom – island nation Andoran – Democratic freedom Brevoy – Feuding noble houses Cheliax – demon/devil controlled empire Druma – merchants religios paradise?? Galt – Constant revolution (france) Hold of Belkzen – orcs […]