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MCP: Double Feature, part 2

The Second event of the weekend was on Sunday at Boards and Swords in Derby. I’ve not really been before. I had an event in 2020 but got pinged on arrival so didn’t get to play. They have a pretty good setup and there were a lot of players – 28 in all, although there […]

MCP: Double Feature, Part 1

Having had one whole weekend off I managed two events his weekend. The first was another Friday Night Marvel Event at Element Games in Stockport run by Tony Moore. I was still on A-Force as I was chasing the A-Force Leader award. But after turning my 6-3 record into 7-6 I had made some alterations. […]

MCP: Intro to Affiliations- A-Force

A few people wanted more detail on the affiliations so I thought I would do a more detailed look at some, starting with my current team; A-Force. What’s good about A-Force? The best thing about A-Force is the affiliated models. They have the best 2-threat model (Okoye) and arguably the best 3-threat (Valkyrie), 4-threat (Medusa) […]

MCP: New A-force rosters

So after reducing my 6-3 record to 7-6 I wanted to try some other roster options… A-force 4 [Characters]- Black Cat: 3- Black Widow: 2- Domino: 3- Enchantress: 4- Ghost-Spider: 3- Medusa: 4- Okoye: 2- She-Hulk: 6- Valkyrie: 3- Venom: 4 [Team Tactics]- Advanced R&D- A-Force Assemble!- Bitter Rivals- Field Dressing- Lethal Protector- Medpack- Recalibration […]

MCP: A-Force Roster building and Review

So as you may have read here and here I had a bad day with Spider-foes and needed a new roster. I basically crossed off factions I wasn’t comfortable with. I then checked the TTS season 5 rankings to see what factions they had taken, but that didn’t really help. I manged to narrow this […]