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Mini-reviews Part 2

This week I will cover a few more systems. 3 of these are ones I’ve played in last few months. Pathfinder 1e The Good Options. Lots of books, so lots of character optionsBestiaries. There are 6, and they are all greatAdventure Paths. A whole bunch of full length campaignsUltimate campaign. A great book with awesome […]

RPG mini reviews, part 1

This has been on my mind recently. A few times every year, I will be looking for a RPG system to play with my group, or wife or kid and spend ages going around in circles looking for something. Exactly what i want varies depending on the game i’m trying to run but what I […]

Marvel Dicemasters Review

M picked up the original AvX dicemaster box back at launch. We had no idea it would be so popular because we then couldn’t buy any expansion dice packs until the release of uncanny in October time. At which point I then bought a bunch of AvX dice off Ebay…and then they re-released them before […]

Kaosball Review

Oh how I wish I had kickstarted Kaosball. I had KSed some RPGs but was loathe to pay the postage for a boardgame plus couldn’t be sure it would be any good before it came out. However if I had realised how much stuff I could get free plus the huge discount on teams…So anyway, […]

Shadowrun Crossfire Review

I only heard of crossfire just before xmas, too late to go on the wish list. So I Bought it straight after having played the demo game. I was a bit dubious of yet another DBG but it’s great! What’s in the box? Not a lot for the size of the box!! The box is […]

Zombicide Review

Zombicide is awesome. the only bad thing i can say is that i missed the season 3 kickstarter by about a week so couldn’t get free stuff! Have made up for that by KSing Rum n Bones! Having played a quick game of the original i went and bought Season 2 (prison Outbreak) and got […]

Avengers Assemble

Just come back from seeing the Avengers and it was awesome. One of the best superhero films there is. Which is amazing considering some films struggle to fit in a hero and a few villains, and this has 7+ heroes, and 1+ villains. Action scenes were great, script was very good and really funny, CG […]