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So i’m currently on Holiday in Portugal… Can’t post a lot but ideally can find time to write. Here’s what i’m hoping to work on soon… Werewolves for WFRP3 Gear for Hunters in MHR Nightfall More characters for MHR Nightfall More Morphs for Cortex Eclipse Phase More Wood elf careers for WFRP3 Monster careers for […]

Nightfall – Hunters

The third main character type- the Hunter. Hunters don’t have many powers, so will need less dice. however hunters may need extra rules and options which i will post at a later date…when i know what they might be. Rookie 5-10 dice Experienced 10-15 dice Veteran 15-20 dice Elite 20-25 dice a dice means d6=1, […]

Nightfall – Werewolves

So, werewolves. Like vampires, there is more than one kind of werewolf… 1. Humans that turn into wolfman hybrids. 2. Humans with the ability to turn into hybrids and wolves. 3. Humans who turn into wolves, sometimes really big wolves. Okay i’d quite happily see 3 dissapear. But to represent these in MHR, the main […]

Nightfall – Vampires

For me Vampires have 3 modes. Euro snob Aristos who look nice and can kill in an instant (Dracula) Demon-looking things who will rip you limb from limb (Buffy) Kickass Leather wearing warriors (Underworld) That’s obviously pretty basic, but ideally my nightfall vampires can do any of these. All vampires get a Vampire power set […]

Nightfall Thoughts

Why Nightfall? Why not hack WoD, Dresden Files, True Blood or Twilight (as if!)? A) Been playing it loads, both on the iPad and Card version. B) It has proper Werewolves and vampires C) No-one else is doing it (unlike my ME hack) D) It isn’t far off Underworld. So Thoughts…I’ve seen people suggest using […]