Edge of the World (Modern Explorer Hack for EoE) part 1

This comes from a suggestion on rpg.net about using EoE for an Indiana Jones Game. And having just completed Tomb Raider and reading EoE i thought this was a great idea. The idea is to to stick to EoE as much as possible to basically run as is. There will be 2 time periods, basically using the same rules : 1930-1950s and Modern day. Both are pretty much our world + the supernatural, mystical events, legendary artifacts, dinosaurs, aliens and probably Cthulhu.


There will be 3 main parts to this. Character Creation, Equipment and enemies.

This is character creation.

Basically it works like EoE (using humans, obligation and motivation) but changing some of the classes a bit.


Some skills are altered – Xenology = Wildlife, Core/outer rim = The World and Languages. The 2 Pilots become Pilot and Drive. Astrogation is ditched. Performance and Bureaucracy are added. Ranged Heavy and Light becomes Rifles and Pistols. Gunnery includes heavy weapons as it’s less relevant.


Some classes and Specialisations have been renamed, and most use different skills. I have tried to match to existing talent trees, but a few will need new ones.

There are a few differences between the two time periods – 1930s-50s and Modern.

Some skills have been abbreviated to save on typing!!

Specialist (replaces Bounty Hunter): Athletics , Brawl, Perception, Drive, Pistols, Rifles, Streetwise, Vigilance
Assassin : Melee, skulduggery, Stealth, co-ord
Spec ops (replaces Gadgeteer) : Brawl, mechanics, cool, Discipline
Hunter (Replaces survivalist) : Wildlife, Perception, Resilience, Survival

Civilian (replaces Colonist) Charm, deception, world, education, perception, discipline, leadership, negotiation
Doctor: cool, education, medicine, resilience
Bureaucrat: (replaces politico) Charm, Coercion, Discipline, Bureaucracy
Academic: (replaces scholar) Lore, Languages, perception, education
Celebrity (new) cool, performance, charm, streetwise

Explorer: Cool, Lore, World, Wildlife, perception, Drive, pilot, survival
Adventurer (Fringer) co-ord, negotiation, streetwise, pistols
Guide (scout) Athletics, medicine, perception, survival
Journo/Reporter (replaces trader, needs new talents in tree) charm, coercion, underworld, streetwise

Mercenary (Hired Gun) Athletics, brawl, discipline, melee, drive, pistols, resilience, vigilance
Bodyguard: Gunnery, perception, pilot, brawl
Heavy/Fighter ( Marauder) coercion, melee, resilience, brawl
Soldier of Fortune: discipline, gunnery, leadership, rifles

Criminal (smuggler) co-ord, deception, underworld, perception, drive, skulduggery, streetwise, vigilance
Driver (replaces pilot) drive, streetwise, mechanics, perception
Grifter (scoundrel) charm, cool, deception, world
Thief : computers, skulduggery, stealth, co-ord

Tech: computers, co-ord, discipline, mechanics, perception, drive, pilot, gunnery
Mechanic: Brawl, mechanics, skulduggery, pistols
Mad Scientist/Tinkerer/Inventor (replaces outlaw tech) Education, underworld, Mechanics, streetwise
Hacker (no 30s version!) computers, education, underworld, stealth
Pilot (new. needs talents – use smuggler pilot tree) pilot, world, perception, resilience

I’ve actually run a session with this!


  1. Darkethorne · · Reply

    I know that this is a old post, but my group has started playing EOE, and we love the idea of using the system for other genre. Any chance that you will post the rest of your “Edge of the World” modern hack?

    1. unfortunately that’s all i have. i did an adventure but it was all on paper.
      Can’t even remember if it was modern day or 1940s.

      Do remember there being some dinosaurs…

      i’ll see if i can post one of the characters – they used an excel file someone else had done

      1. Sorry, file is massive and doesn’t work now i’ve hacked it to change text!!

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