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2d20: Creating a 2d20 Conversion

A few weeks ago on Fluff n Crunch (it was recorded over a month a go, podcasting is weird), Jeremy and myself discussed how to go about doing conversions (here). Firstly we classified the types of conversion: Re-Skin. When you basically use an exisiting rule-set and simply rename some of the parts of the system. […]

MCP Podcasts

I remember when there was but one MCP podcast, but now there are loads! What’s the difference between them all? Well, quite a bit actually, unlike the old Guildball podcasts that were quite samey (including the one I was on). A lot of these Podcasts can be found at Across the Bifrost, So lets’s start […]

Fluff n Crunch, a gaming podcast

Way back in April a charming American called Jeremey messaged me about doing a podcast on 2d20. He had read a bunch of my blogs and was thinking of starting a 2d20 podcast and asked me to join. We’ve been recording it ever since on a mostly weekly basis with a break recently for my […]