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MCP: An introduction to Avengers (Sam Wilson)

So last week I looked at the original Avengers leadership here, but we also have a newer one. Sam has a very different Leadership and a very different playstyle and roster creation process. What’s good about Sam’s Avengers? It’s very efficient. You will get players dazed in a game of MCP. In all my games […]

MCP: An Introduction to (Steve Roger’s) Avengers

It’s been a while but, having played some Avengers I thought I would do another Intro post(s) on the first Affiliation, Avengers. That’s a lot! And we can add Hulkbuster to that (and possibly Ms Marvel?) Avengers are one of the core box affiliations and so often one of the two affiliations players might start […]

MCP: Friday Night Madness

So Friday 17th was the 3rd Friday Night Marvel event at Element Games run by Tony Moore. Always a good time and doesn’t take up a day for a Marvel event (although involves driving over the mountains in traffic, and coming back near midnight). I used kind of a dumb Roster for this, having the […]

MCP: The All New Avengers roster review

So my roster for the recent event where I went 3-1 is here. It’s a decent roster as with only 1 sort of practise game and games against Sam Cap I was able to go 3-1, only losing to the Number 1 player IN THE WORLD. But it’s an odd roster in that Most of […]