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New Heroes: Cosmic Girl

Another New Hero. My player called her Cosmic Girl. She controls ‘cosmic energy’ and shoots rays and stuff. Wow, that’s it. I can’t believe we could play with characters this bare bones. (Again based on art from daggerpoint. If its someone’s commision, er, let me know! Converted the stats from M+M2e.) Cosmic Girl Solo d6, Buddy […]

New Heroes – Solar Flare

Another New Hero. Again based on art from deviant art, this time by daggerpoint. Someone’s commision, so if its yours, er, let me know! Converted the stats from M+M2e. I Call her: Solar Flare. She has super speed plus powerful attacks and blasts. And again seems to wear very few clothes. She is part of […]

New Heroes : Amethyst

Another New Hero. Again based on art from deviant art, again by gb2k. Someone’s commision, so if its yours, er, let me know! EDIT: Apparently there was a DC hero called Amethyst. This is not her. Amethyst is from an alternate reality fantasy world. She finds modern earth a bit strange but is slowly fitting […]

A New Hero : Novagirl

So i want to try something new. Literally, making new characters. I might do some from scratch, some from the Random generator, convert old MSH/HU/M&M characters, or just take a picture and go with it. Today i’m doing the latter. This is one of the first pieces of art i ever nabbed off deviantart (i […]


Jade is the daughter of the old, non-corps, Green Lantern Alan Scott and the Villainess Thorn. She is basically a living Lantern and has an odd relationship with the Corps, not too mention Kyle Rayner. Plus she’s been dead and Reincarnated. Which never happens in comics. Ever. Much. Jade (Jennifer-Lynn Hayden) Solo d6, Buddy d8, […]

Fate with all the dice (except d20 and dF)

  So i have a lot of FATE books. Actually, i think i have all of them! I’ve played a few games. But as mentioned in my Pathfinder dice post, i want to use all the dice! the dF or d6-d6 doesn’t cut it. So going back to an old post i had a brainwave. I […]

Pathfinder Bonus Dice

So, my main issues with Pathfinder are: Strong heroes do damage and are better at fighting, while Dexterous heroes are good at dodging and Shooting but not fighting. So if i want a Dexterous fighter, he also needs to be strong. If i want a strong clumsy fighter…can’t. the BAB. I wish it worked like in M&M […]

Fantasy RPGs

As mentioned i’ve been looking at Fantasy recently. Next to Super Heroes Fantasy is what i Roleplay Mostly. Sure i dabble with Sci-Fi but i always to come back to Fantasy be it D&D, Warhammer or something else. And i’m trying to create/adapt my homebrew world to write stories in…So i need a good Fantasy […]

Lack of New posts

Does every blog have one of these eventually? Yes it’s been a week since my last post. Why? well mostly because i haven’t had the spare time to do any. In between Prepping pupils for exams, a staff-student footie match (won 2-0 thanks), and keeping  Mika and Anwyn happy there hasn’t been much time for […]


Atrocitus was pretty bad before he created the Red Lantern corps, but now he’s worse. Why they gave him his own comic though i have no idea (Not that i have read it). Ideally his Distinction would by Rage, More Eage and Even More Rage, but that seems a bit unfair. But Basically, He’s very […]


Larfleeze isn’t just the leader of the orange lantern corps. He is the orange Lantern crops. Or Was a the time of Blackest Night. Lex Luthor was given a ring for a bit, but all other Orange Corps have been constructs of Larfleeze’s will. Which is pretty impressive for an orange gonzo look-alike. Larfleeze Solo […]

Star Sapphire

Star Sapphire is an on and off again Hero/Villain. Starting as Hal Jordan’s On and Off girlfriend, then possessed by the star Zamorrons, then working with them…so complicated. Presented here as at time of Blackest Night/War of Light, in control of her powers. Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris) Solo d6, Buddy d10, Team d8 CEO Ferris […]


Indigo-1 is the leader of the indigo Tribe, bearers of the indigo light of compassion. Little is known about the indigo tribe… Indigo-1 Solo d6, Buddy d8, Team d10 Mystic Chieftain Cryptic Wisdom Strength in Empathy and Understanding Indigo Power ring Indigo Power Staff Both as Listed here Combat Expert d8, Medical Expert d8, Psych […]


I had never really come across Vixen until reading the last relaunch of JLA. Pity it got shafted by infinite Crisis, but i was really enjoying it. Vixen came across as a great character in that, but i’m betting she’s been sidelined in JLI (only read issue 1 so far). Here’s a question – do […]


DCs Mistress of Magic. Unlike Marvel there’s a whole bunch of magic characters in DC, but Zatanna is the most main-stream. I always thought her outfit was a bit OTT, and for new 52 they have dropped it. This version presented here should be ok for new 52 and old DC. Zatanna solo d8, Buddy […]

Saint Walker

Why Saint Walker? He’s the main blue lantern, and blue is the other side of green to yellow…and Mika picked him. Expect Indigo-1 next! Saint Walker (First Blue Lantern) Solo d6, Buddy d10, Team d8 (these would work for any blue really) The First Blue Lantern Sacrifice self for the greater good Instills Hope during […]


First up for the Lantern corps, MR Pink himself: Sinestro. I’m ignoring the whole Green LAntern bit and going back to bad guy sinestro…which will probably happen in GL anyway sooner or later. Sinestro Solo d10, Buddy d6, Team d8 There must be order Control through fear I am The Greatest Ever Green Lantern Sinestro […]

“Bad” Lantern Rings

The Last 3 rings are an odd bunch. The Yellow rings are basically exactly the same as the green rings. But the Orange and Red rings are  very different. For a start if you get a red ring you are basically a gonner. And technically no-one has an orange ring except Larfleeze (Lex doesn’t count), […]

The “Good” Lantern rings

There is a lot of commonality between the green, blue, indigo and violet rings but there are also some differences. The stats for these rings can improve when held by powerful users. Star Sapphire Power Ring (Violet light of Love) Godlike Flight d12 Superhuman Durability d10 (force field) Enhanced Senses d8 Telekinesis d10 Solid Light […]

Booster gold

You can’t have Blue Beetle without Booster gold. Enjoyed him during 52, probably more when he was an ass. Who is booster? Fame-Hungry walking advert, or saviour of the timeline? His milestones and distinctions here are a mix of the new and old booster. Booster Gold Solo d8, Buddy d10, Team d6 Man of many […]